Apple Buys Specialists For Detection of Emotions

Apple has purchased another company that uses artificial intelligence for his services. The software of Emotient specializes in reading emotions – as for advertisers or even doctors.

Apple has bought a startup according to a media report, that is specialized to detect emotions on the face. The Californian company Emotient offered their services so far, for example, for the evaluation of responses to commercials.
Apple was by the Wall Street Journal late Thursday with the sentence quoted, established for years as confirmation for corporate acquisitions: “Apple buys from time too time smaller technology companies, and we do not express ourselves basically to our objectives or plans.”
Evaluate facial expressions
Using the technique of Emotient about dealers have evaluated the customers face, and doctors have tried, whether for pain patients Tienanmen, who not could express themselves they, they said. A purchase of Emotient could in connection with plans in the auto sector, the Apple for months are written to. Several vendors are working on cameras that driver and monitor their concentration, among other things. The emotion analysis by AI (artificial intelligence, AI) can use but also for smartphones, which could start matching apps that fit to the particular mood with Apple patented headphones at
Purchase of AI-startups
Apple has purchased in recent months two other startups, working with artificial intelligence: Perceptio and VocalIQ. VocalIQ specialized in the evaluation of language input. Perceptio has programmed an artificial intelligence that is suitable for relatively low-powered Smartphones. The AI had access for their services nor to a cloud, what is data protection friendly for Smartphonenutzer. (with material of the dpa) / (kbe)