Apple and Deloitte Added Forces to Boost The Use of IPad/IPhone in Business

Commitment of Apple to the enterprise market continues steadily and after dream Alliance with IBM and SAP, the Cupertino giant announced yesterday “an agreement of collaboration” with Deloitte to facilitate access to the platform iOS in a professional environment. In particular, the phrase cited Apple in their press release says “to help companies transform their way of working quickly and easily taking full advantage of the power, ease of use and safety of” the platform iOS through the iPhone and the iPad.”
Following this agreement, Deloitte would have formed an ‘army’ of advisors Apple made up about 5,000 consultants who help companies to “change the focus of work” in all areas, from sales or face to the public, to the ‘back-office’. Deloitte is regarded as one of the four giants in the world of business services and is the sixth private company by volume of business in the United States.

iPhone, iPad, and services to the business world

The agreement has been so important for the company from Cupertino that until the own Tim Cook has reviewed it on his Twitter account. Apple’s own CEO has referred to the relevance of this agreement:
“The iPad and the iPhone are transforming the way of working of employees. And, thanks to this partnership, we can help even more companies discover the incredible possibilities which only the Apple ecosystem can offer.”
The agreement will yield, inter alia, in the provision of services to customers by EnterpriseNext of Deloitte Consulting in the following fields:

  • EnterpriseNext Value Maps for iOS to help them discover the incredible possibilities of the iPhone and iPad can bring to your business, detect opportunities for mobility and prioritise digital resources;
  • EnterpriseNext Workshops for iOS to quickly make prototypes solutions iOS to measure;
  • A team of architects, designers and engineers of iOS that will work at Deloitte digital studios around the world to help customers create native apps of quality that integrate perfectly with their existing business platforms, including ERP, CRM, systems analysis and selection of personnel.