Apple Already Has Permission to Sell Excess Solar Energy That Generates

About a month ago we did echo of the news that Apple had created a subsidiary company: Apple Energy. This new venture of Apple would be responsible not only for producing solar power for Apple but also sell all the over solar energy that do not stick to consume.
But to carry out all these operations It must fulfill a series of requirements and federal laws. This is why Apple put hands to work and in less than a month he has sufficient permissions to be able to sell excess energy generated by their solar plants, especially solar power plant in California, capable of producing up to 130 megawatts.
The federal energy regulators have approved application for Apple last Thursday to begin selling the excess energy at the market prices… The technology company has the capacity of generating 20 megawatts in Nevada, 50 megawatts in Arizona and 130 megawatts in California. The latter, of California, is capable of supplying the energy needed by tens of thousands of homes. Additionally Apple will join First Solar to offer part of this excess energy to a few new apartments planned in the southeast of Monterey County, California.

Apple Energy has still more ambitious plans

Not created a wholly owned subsidiary of overnight and just to supply power to the main. Apple Energy is surely part of a much more ambitious plan Apple is involved in that. Both the environmental issue and create a balance with what is consumed and spent as per other topics much more secrets as the so-called Apple electric car.
Supply the offices of Apple is just one of the features of this subsidiary company
Apple Energy as such It can also be a new way to investigate ways to leverage and improve the energy we consume both at home and in mobility. Thus, Apple manages to not only cater to all their factories and offices, but also to make important advances in other projects where the renewable energy and the environment are the basic pillars.