Apple Acquires The Startup of Artificial Intelligence Turi by 200 Million Dollars

According to GeekWire, Apple has done with Turi, a startup focused on artificial intelligence which has achieved several milestones in this field. Reports say that the operation is carried out by some 200 million dollars, but as always, Apple does not offer exact figures of the transaction. As in so many other similar acquisitions, Turi team will continue to develop its work normally and without that Apple interfere much in this.
Turi is a small startup that builds platforms for the development of intelligent applications able to use artificial intelligence to learn automatically. Many major companies use products of Turi for detectors of fraud, engines of recommendation and other predictive operations.
GeekWire He has been in contact with Apple to discuss on the topic, this is what has obtained:
Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and usually we do not discuss our purpose or plans.
According to people familiar with the acquisition, expected Turi team to stay in their offices and further develops its products without the interference of Apple. Perhaps in the medium term we see developments in this aspect with internal improvements within the Apple services.
In recent months we have seen a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, both from Facebook and from Google with their algorithms and their bots. However, it seems that Apple has been more stagnant in this respect since we have not seen many more progress apart from Siri and recent changes in iOS 10 predictive indications. This acquisition can do to change things and see new products and services in a year or two.