Apple Acquires Gliimpse, a Company Specializing in Health Data

The field of medicine and health is one of those advantages that Apple devices work thoroughly, and unfortunately is that less are counted. And the Cupertino company is taking steps to further integrate their gadgets on our health acquiring specialized company Gliimpse.
It has not been nothing recent: the purchase was carried out a few months ago but so far have not been discovered. The ACE in the hole of Gliimpse that caused this acquisition is its platform to manage health data of a person, allowing the user to get a good overview of their conditions and be able to share it with other people.

The future of iOS goes (even more) by our health

In addition to that the user (or patient, rather) can go writing in a journal how you feel each day, so then a specialist can determine your emotional state. All data are protected and they are absolutely private. Is, in short, a useful tool for those who want to go beyond what currently offers the health of iOS application for the reason that (mostly for having a disease).
Gliimpse, founded in 2013 by the entrepreneur Anil Sethi, has been sold by an unknown amount of money. Since Apple has stated it’s always from one of their spokesmen: Apple buys smaller companies from time to time and usually we do not discuss those plans or purposes.
The effects of this will surely see them in future versions of iOS and Apple Watch, you will be able to maintain better control of our constant vital.