The anklet is used for centuries by people from all over the world. Some stories say that the anklets were used since before Christ, the Egyptians and people from the Middle East. Started in India and was expanded throughout the East and world. Formerly the anklets were connected by chains to prevent women give great strides, which the people of that time the shorter the pace of most delicate woman she was.
The anklet is quite used to this day in India, whether by married women (joining the toe ring) or weddings, for (payal, which is an important part in the bride’s ornaments).
The anklets can be found of various types and materials such as gold, silver, nylon, leather and plastics, with stones, ornaments, smooth and are great gifts for any age group and occasions, from babies to adults.
A hint to use the anklet used by embudoexpress, is not using a very tight, leaving 2 or 3 inches bigger, causing it to stay on top of the bone.
In Brazil, they are used most often in the summer, because of the foot become more exposed, on the beaches if you have a high rate of people using too.