Ankle String Bracelets

Ankle chain, a sensuous gem

For some, the chain or the ankle bracelet is a gem that women wear as a sign of invitation to the opposite sex. For others, this gem is used to mark his homosexuality. But all of these meanings are unfounded. If one refers to the African traditions or Indian still preserved to this day in some regions as in Senegal, wearing an ankle chain is indeed considered a weapon of seduction.
A reason why in some Hindu and Zulu tribes, it adorns this part of the body of the finest jewelry, as well as other parts that can be decorated, such as the neck, wrist and ears. Adorn his ankle to a bracelet can also mark her union to another person, in comparison to the alliance we traditionally wear on the ring finger.

Chains of precious ankle or fantasies

However, regardless of the meanings associated with him, the ankle chain is a jewel that brings elegance to our feet and at the same time enhances the allure of our legs. Sensual feet, it’s the main effect this adornment suggests. There are in the jewelry and costume jewelry shops various models of ankle chain.
Followers of fashion are also served on the materials. Find bracelets of ankle in gold, gold plated, silver, stainless steel or fancy material. Adorned with precious stones, one or many pendants, the choice varies according to taste.

A string for each style

Some ankle bracelets are made of fabric. These models, also adorned with stones or small pendants reflect particularly well the Bohemian style. The Gothic style anklets also exist and we are free to wear them on any outfit. For lovers of fine jewelry, there are ultra-thin channels.
Vary your style by opting for a model inspired by Indian ankle and channels of those worn by the inhabitants of Rajasthan. For even more fun, you can find chain-shaped models and those that relate to a ring of foot. In pendant, the choice is also wide. Moon, key, heart, flower, smiley, letter, Pearl, or Butterfly shaped, choose one that fits your personality.