Ankle Boots Summer

Ankle boots-Summer 2011 Fashion
Enter station, exit station, but the ankle boots remain firm and do not leave the feet of shoesmaniacs! You could also, just a beautiful ankle boot to, in minutes, give an up that lacked in a more basic production, or the final touch in one already well increased. And do not think that the ankle is freshly bred, from the bustling mind of our famous and beloved designers, no. It has history … Created decades ago, it was idealized for women seeking to differentiate themselves in the crowd. This feature made the short boot stand up to the weather and continued on the shopping list of good shoe fans. There is no more current part.
According to whicheverhealth, the ankle boots of summer 2011 arrive more diverse and more fashions than ever! Check out the most hypothetic models of this season:
Ankle peep toe
Feeling from the past seasons, and darling of the most romantic, the ankle peep toe follow as strong trend in 2011. The open style in the fingers is the right detail to attribute more delicacy to the ankles boots, dared by nature.
Cast Leather Ankle
As the subject is tendency for summer, the cast ankles are the right pieces. Said, let the feet breathe a little, but of course, without losing the pose. The styles vary, they can be small holes, imitating a fishing net or more elaborate, with diverse designs.
Ankle with straps and cutouts
The half-paw heel just came to stay … And still good! Because, there is no more comfortable way to gain a few inches more. In the ankle boots, the half paws appear rather timid. Vertiginous jumps, with different shapes, will dictate the style.
Colorful Ankle
Ordered more than perfect for a summer fashion, right? Updated for the hot season, the ankle boots won multiple colors and different prints. Perfect for those who do not like to waste a lot of time producing and looking for pieces of effect. Throw such an ankle and notice the difference!
Ankle oxford
Shoe eternalized by the British students and that has fallen in the thanks of the fashionistas around the world, the oxford now insinua in the ankle boots! Of unique and extremely elegant design the Ankle Oxford Boot is “the piece” if you seek originality in production. And it seems that the junction has everything to avenge. Already you see around, lots of celebrity and trend worshipers using.
Ankle with applications
The daring will give the tone, the use of tacks, crystals, chains, buckles, buckles, zippers, buttons… Anyway, for the creators, the imagination is really the limit when it comes to decorating them.