Android Update Eliminates Bluetooth Problems

Recently, the reports have accumulated that users had some problems connecting their Nexus 5X, the Nexus 6P and a pixel smartphone to the car. The connection via Bluetooth could either not be established or was quickly interrupted again. The Nexus 5X, the 6P and the Pixel Smartphones are already running Android 7.1.1 nougat. Google would like to solve the problem of all foresight at the beginning of February, with a small update.

Nexus 5X

Google Already Found The Error

Currently, it looks like this: As soon as you update your smartphone to Android 7.1.1, the device can no longer be connected via Bluetooth to your car. The AOSP Issue Tracker has now been reported to Google itself and announces that the source of the error was found and will be fixed with the upcoming update. The code addition to correct the error will come along with the security update for February. Currently only the Nexus smartphones and the Google pixel devices seem to be affected by best-medical-schools.

Error Is Not Really New

A deficient or non-existent Bluetooth connection between Nexus and the car was partly reported already in October of the last year. Most users could not connect their smartphone to the car, while others could connect, but could not make calls. It is probably not relevant, which automarke or which exact model you drive.

More Bugs Detected

Under Android 7.1.1 the faulty Bluetooth connection to the car is probably not the only problem of the users. The Nexus and pixel smartphones have to deal with the current Android version so some difficulties. Some devices should turn off independently, although the battery is not yet completely used up. The Nexus 6P loses its hands-free function, because the speakers in the hands-free mode probably no longer work.