Android SDK Tools 21 Includes Editor Multiconfiguracion

Along with the availability of Android 4.2 SDK has been available to all developers a new version of Android SDK Tools (Revision 21). New features include a new editor that allows you to simultaneously edit multiple configurations of the UI, a framework to make test on the interface users and new templates for building applications.
Without a doubt, the Editor multi-configuration It was one of the features most requested by developers. We are aware of the tremendous fragmentation of Android handsets, so to edit form simultaneously different orientations, sizes and languages allows us to adapt precisely every screen of our application. To edit the form layout graphic we see the preview of each one the provisions, the editor shows the layout that we sobrescribamos together to see differences, including differences due to the different languages.
Android application development has changed a lot since the beginning of the plugin for Eclipse. When starting a new app we propose new designs as the Holo interface, action Bar, etc… Have been added new templates for classic screens login, or displays of photos and videos very frequent in most apps.
Developers have the classic options try our application code, but many times it is frequent to find bugs in the user interface, so this plugin introduces for the first time a complete tool to automate the test touring own the application UI. Only from Android 4.1 (API Level 16).
Other included features are one-click SDK installer to download components easily, new dialogue for the establishment of more accurate emulators to real devices and new rules for Lint (an excellent guide to respect good practices and detect faults).