Android Device Administrator Updated with "Key-Feature"

The search giant has now finally updated their “Android Device administrator”, so kids can’t delete your content.
For one and a half month ago, search giant Google ready with a dedicated app for their Web-based “Android Device administrator” who can find your cell when it is gone.
In addition to being able to find lost Android-powered devices, so the app is also able to remotely erase all content, if your beloved smartphone ends up in the wrong hands.
Thus, it is also fairly important that only you have access to the app. However, until now, there has not been a requirement for entering your password when you open the app on your phone.
It has Google now finally directed, and released version 1.1.7, which in addition to require password, featuring various bug fixes and performance improvements. It writes our site.
You have not yet activated “Unit administrators” function on your Android mobile, so jump on this Tip: become the family’s “Sherlock Holmes” when the cases are missing, that shows how easy it is.