Android Developers Already Have Your Page in Google +

One of the things that most strives Google is the of take care and pamper their legion of developers He invested much time and effort in making their applications a success in the Android Market, one of the fundamental pillars on which Android is based to get ahead in a market more competitive and hard everyday in which you have to prove who is the best.
Now he knows that he has to help developers learn and to exchange information, something that can corroborate me contacts engaged in development that is essential to achieve better understanding of the code. So he has decided to officially launch Google + Android developers page to have them all informed and in touch.
The page offers everything you can using Google +, as they can be virtual meetings or hangouts and various news and tips about Android development to assist in the training of the developers. It is not the first time that Google gives lessons for program, because there is a center where to teach basics of Android, but this time with all the social component which involves.