Amazon Launches Two New Kindle E-Book Readers

Internet giant Amazon is ready with two new Kindle e-book readers: an updated plain and cheap Kindle as well as a more expensive, thinner and lighter Kindle Oasis.
Amazon updates portfolio of e-book readers with two new ones. The ordinary Amazon Kindle has been updated with a new 8. generation model improved on several points while the price remains $ 80 or equivalent of 525 kroner.
The first news is designed, where the new Kindle-base model has been 1.1 mm thinner and a bit smaller in height and width. The weight is smoked quite a few down from 191 to only 161 grams, so it is more comfortable to hold in your hand over a longer period of time, when you want to read e-books.
At the same time, Amazon screwed up for the amount of RAM, so the now is equipped with 512 MB instead of 256 MB in only 7. generation. The battery life is the same, where you can get all the way up to four weeks of battery life if you read half an hour daily.
It is thanks to the e-ink screen, which Amazon uses in all Kindle e-book readers. These screens provide a paper-like high contrast picture-mostly in black and white-that use incredibly low amount of power compared to an LCD or OLED screen. The resolution, however, is not particularly high-only 600 x 800 pixels corresponding to a pixel density of 167 pixels per inch spread on the 6 “large screen.

Kindle Oasis: better display and smart battery cover

It is here that the other ‘ new ‘ – or rather three months old – Amazon Kindle Oasis comes into the picture. OASIS model is the top model – continue on 6 “– but made even thinner. In fact, the right down to 3.4 mm at the thinnest point and are on average 30% thinner than the other Kindle models.
The weight is also the lowest seen in a Kindle e-book reader with only 131 g. At the same time, Amazon’s Kindle Oasis to adjust the center of gravity, so ergonomics is always top notch. For example, if you keep the e-book reader in your left team, detects the it completely automatically and moves the center of gravity thereof, so that it feels balanced by single-handed.
If the resolution is too low in the normal Kindle, Oasis-model can be a better solution. It has the same higher resolution 1,448 x 1,072 pixels corresponding to 300 pixels per inch just like Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite Voyage, which gives a more detailed text in e-books. It is equipped with 10 LED bulbs in the display panel, which gives an increase in brightness of 60%. Thus, it is no obstacle to read e-books, even when it is dark.
Kindle Oasis comes with a smart cover made of leather in either black, merlot (bordeaux) or walnut (Brown). In the cover hides a spare battery that automatically charging your Kindle Oasis, when it is connected. At the same time charger you both e-book reader and the cover when it is mounted.
Sales of Oasis model is for quite a few days ago kicked off, but you must, however, with $ 310 or about 2,000 dollars for a copy of this.