Allergy To Jewelry Earrings

Ear itching, redness in the area, and other discomforts caused by jewelry earrings leave many women reluctant to shop at accessory stores.
The problem is quite common among women and is usually caused because jewelry contains substances other than metal, especially nickel, an element used in the production of parts to cheapen the cost.
When the jewelry comes in contact with the skin, the body identifies the nickel as a foreign body and begins to produce antibodies. In this way, the redness and swelling appear in the place, which, if not properly cared for, can turn into wounds. In more severe cases, more open wounds can cause inflammation and even tear the holes in the ears once and for all.
One of the popular recipes of how to avoid allergy to jewelry earrings is to pass a layer of enamel to form a protective film on the inkomtrends before using it.
The trick works, but temporarily. In fact, the skin reaction will occur anyway and the insulation with the enamel will only make the allergy take a little longer to appear. And there is still a risk that the enamel will cause another type of allergy to the skin.
There is no way to avoid an allergy, since it is a reaction of the organism to a particular object. The only way to get rid of the problem is to avoid contact. In the case of allergy to jewelery earrings, there is the possibility of using antiallergic and surgical steel versions, which can be easily found in pharmacies. If even making the earrings replacement the discomforts persist, applying a corticoid-based ointment can improve allergy symptoms to jewelry earrings.