All Different Types of Ties

Ties differ on several indicators:

  • Matter of craftsmanship
  • Color
  • Presence of different patterns
  • Thickness (how wide tie in the visible part)

Usually, the tie is selected according to factors such as the occasion of the event, previously referred to “dress code” position (organization / society) to the person who wears tie desire to create a certain impression age media and others with polyester wholesale.
My personal recommendation is to stick with plain colors, without patterns well combined with jacket and shirt. Always apply the rule – the wider the tie, the more “serious” message brings. The second “message” that you can send to tie the knot is through. The bigger and twisted, greater “weight” gives. Final, a perfect image using the so-called “needles” tie. On them you can safely look like a jewel in his clothing. The message can acquire interesting dimensions if, for example audibly gold pin.
Usually ties from a “slim-fit” wear more casual atmosphere and by younger gentlemen.
Mandatory rule about how far should reach tie in properly placing – To belt buckle!
Here are the most popular tie knots that you can learn: