Air Penguin: Jumps and Beats Screens Using The Accelerometer of Your Android

When I test games for Android I feel fondness by those who seek to innovate in control and take advantage of the capabilities the Smartphone as much as possible. Whether using the touch screen or accelerometers like to see how some developers try to introduce new forms of play.
Today we talk about just one of these games: Air Penguin. Developed by Gamevil, known by other titles such as franchising Zenonia, bring us a nice platforms where we have that move the phone to guide the steps our protagonist to overcome the different challenges that proposes.
On paper, as you can see, the proposal is simple: reach the goal in each of the 125 levels that mode is made history. To do this we will have to move the Penguin protagonist lying or turning the screen. That is, taking advantage of accelerometers that includes our phone. Controls which, by the way, really respond well.
In this way our little hero will go jumping from a block of ice to another, in other cases have that slide along a track of ice and other swim on a turtle. A little variety that makes that in the end both jump does not become something monotonous.
In addition to reaching the goal will have that collect all the fish we can for, in addition to increasing our score, to use them later to buy aid if we stay stuck in a level.
Air Penguin is a free game Although based on the Freemium model. I.e., in addition to integrated advertising, we have a shop where we are invited to unlock other characters that we will have to proceed to checkout if you want to play with them.
The only downside of Air Penguin is that its 15MB cannot be passed to the SD card. Something which I personally think is a problem for those who have mobile little internal memory. Moreover, an entertaining game that uses very well the accelerometers and that, thanks to their 125 levels ensure us fun for a while.

Air Penguinversion 1.0.2

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: Gamevil
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Games