Achadões Of The Week: Special Jeans

When we spoke of camel (my favorite tone of this winter), we did a post from Achadões one piece dedicated to the theme. Therefore, as in I did find post on the trend of the total jeans, I thought it would be a good again and do a whole Achadões jeans! Let’s go? I loved thisjogger pants of C & A. The jogger model has a sport footprint that I love, the jeans give a casual touch soft and super comfortable and middle leaves stained pants with a new guy.
In the post of jeans we talked a lot about expanding the horizons and use the jeans in other parts not just our pants every day. I XONEI this midi skirt, super round and with 70s guy. By R$65,06 in Romwe.
A skirt to dress is a little jump. And I love that it’s almost a maxi shirt with a skirt more rodadinha. Pure charm. In Romwe by R$61,86.
And since we’re talking about expanding horizons, how about a good overall of the handsome? I know, that’s not exactly baratex, but I thought it was beautiful to live and I figured it was worth it to put here on our list because it is super different, bacanudo design. Anyway, I found a good cost-benefit ratio.
But it’s not because it’s pants and jeans is that it has to be dull. I loved this one with wide mouth and a shade of blue. The Forum, for sale on Dafiti.
Or how about betting on a printed version? I found this one from Dzarm with a paisley print charm. Definitely a guy raised his pants to another level, chic.
Another option to vary the jeans is to find a model with extensions.This skirt here with embroidery on top has little heat days in Brazil. By R$88,44 in e-closet.
Finally, you can take the jeans to the accessories and let your look with even more personality. I thought this whole platform jeans well cute. By R$99,90 on Dafiti.
Tell what is your favorite?