Accessories for Your Feet

The Sun is out, temperatures rise… it smells good holidays! You plan to head out to enjoy the sea and the beach this summer? Here are 3 accessories to go absolutely in your suitcase to dress up your feet with class and style on the hot sand!
June 10, sunny, summer holidays seem to me more that far. Feet in the water, cocktails on the terrace and NAP under the Palm trees: we rest and relaxation! But beware, that relaxation does not lack of style as far: the holiday is also an opportunity to experiment with small stylistic fantasies that you wouldn’t do it on a daily basis. Scarf in hair, brightly, jewellery XXL, neon… you makeup style stylish festivaliere!
And on the side of the style, the feet are not left! Here are three tips from to help you style perfectly on the beach without stuffing your suitcase!

A fancy pedicure

Rule number 1 on the beach: treat her pedicure… or not do it at all! There is nothing worse than a varnish that is peeling to look neglected. If you don’t want to maintain your nails (no judgment, the holiday is also made for letting huh), so do not apply Polish at all, it will be always more clean.
However if you’re a fan of the pedicure, indulge yourself with funky colors: coral, Blue overseas, pastel pink, lemon yellow… summer lights shades 2015 contrasteront to perfection with your new Goddess (as long as you get a Tan, you can tell me…) tanning!
For those who are good with their ten fingers to you the pedicure fancy blows Aztec motifs, stripes, pea, or geometric shapes. No need to have a brush CAP so that it throws: patience is the key! Remember to apply a layer of top coat at the end, otherwise your masterpiece will hold no more two days in the face of salt, chlorine and the sand.

Foot jewelry

Between the trend of festivaliere of Coachella and inspirations hippie-folk-ethnic-you know the kind, 2015 will definitely be the year of the jewel of foot! Ankle chains, toe rings, Bohemian jewelry… is not the choice that is missing.
Of the coins to strings to links XXL through charms, charms and chains very discrete, there is something for everyone: whether you’re an Esmeralda in the soul or a surfer anti bling bling, you should find your happiness. The avalanche of jewelry of feet is squarely at Etsy for example!
With that in the tootsies, no need to make tons above the ankles: a great swimsuit, a dress is all it takes! Even the simplest of flip flops would look stylish with beautiful jewels!

The temporary tattoos

Latest trend of the summer: the temporary tattoos! Less painful as the permanent, more temporary than those to the henna, temporary tattoos are the well understood to dress up your feet with swagg time only a few days (between salt, heat and want better sand does not hope keep them more).
Arrows, triangles, marine inks, lotus, graphic headlines… there for everyone even if the Favorites from last year remain tattoos Golden: with tanned skin, matte or black out well, it’s divine!
Stick one on the hollow of the foot, around the ankle or directly on the kick: it is not better to decorate a peton!
With all that, no doubt: the most stylish for barbotter in salt water or dancing around campfires this summer, it will be you! Nail Polish or jewelry or tattoos, no need to choose: you can even combine all three at the same time, the result will be hot! Enjoy!