Access Can Already Be Granted to Different Users

A few days ago Google updated the developers of Google Play Panel with functionality that we have been demanding, especially for time that you work as a team with several programmers. It is to access the panel from different user accounts, up to now only you could access through the account of the holder with the safety issue of share the password. Now We can assign access to team members that we want, it which will have access to your own gmail account.
Although it is a first step still is not enough, since at the moment we can not limit access to users to certain actions. It is only possible to prevent access to financial reports. Now that grant access users total control. Sensitive actions like publish / unpublish the application, change the description of Google Play, etc…
It would be interesting that we can assign certain permissions individually for each user. So we can, for example, share statistics of the application with the Marketing team without fear that they can modify some published application.
Time to time, as the publication of applications of Google Play console It contains still many shortcomings. As well as translation errors and many usability failures that complicate us life to publish applications and manage them.