About Men's Fashion

Few concepts have well gone such inflation in recent seasons as unlined and dekonstruerat. I hear myself into one of the worst culprits. But it’s also hard to ignore the fact that the modern and pared-down cut impact on men’s fashion and how it has changed our approach to the jacket and suit as garments.

Unfortunately, there is a widespread belief within the men’s fashions that everything should be as it has always been where fashion trends is seen as something dirty and not a real gentleman. I can agree that a large part of today’s fashion coverage that constantly babbling about the season’s hottest trends and key clothing feels totally worn out. But it also makes the traditionsvurmande herrmodefanatikerna which is totally devoid of interest to develop.
For we can not have a men’s fashion that is likely to stagnate. Therefore, I am also a keen supporter of the modern dekonstruerade jacket. Something that has long been popular in Italy but are now seriously starts to come to Sweden with brands like Oscar Jacobson, j. lindeberg and Tiger, all three of which invested in this softer and more natural kavajsilhuett. Even if the results are not always as sharp as in his Italian predecessors shows that though that there is an interest in changing the way we wear jackets.
For unlike many other trends in men’s fashion is not about creating a look.It’s about our attitude to the clothes. To a Blazer or suit need not feel like a suit of armor and something you exclusively wears on special occasions. It’s a de–dramatisation of the jacket as clothing, which not only includes the lighter spring and sommarkavajer but now is at least as relevant during the fall season.
I am convinced that those who call this a fad has to start thinking about. For anyone who has ever tried the ease of this type of garment will have a hard time going back to his old armor costume to suit.