A Microsoft Lumia 640 Is Sighted before The Mobile World Congress

There are less than two weeks to the Mobile World Congress, and many names of phones are already moving that will appear there, mainly with Android operating system. But it will also be Microsoft with some devices Lumia.
The American company could launch a Lumia 640 in the event, related to the internal name RM-1109, which would not be the one used by the substitute of the 1320 Lumia (which does not discard in the presentation).
We have the knowledge of the device certification is in Brazil, where the name appears in the documentation, as well as other details such as the support Dual SIM, or digital television. Some might think that it’s a model for the Brazilian or Latin American market, but it seems to be an international product.
The gossip tells that the product would have a larger than expected screen to be a potential replacement for the 630 or 635 Lumia, marching up to 5.7 inches. Come on, what we call around here a phablet. The rest of specifications targeting a mid range Windows Phone.
It should appear next to a Lumia 645 version, and would be the fourth phone of Microsoft from the purchase of Nokia: Lumia, 532, 535, and 435. Some even put the date of sale on March 13.