A Half Pound High Tech

The Nokia 9210 is not just a fancy, excellent smart phone – it’s also a lot of fun.
The newest Communicator from Nokia has pretty much all data features a brilliant color screen, except for GPRS and fun with very good games. But what about the synchronization with the PC and the user guide? We have tested it.

Telephone Equipment: Smartphone Deluxe

The Smartphone with a brilliant display and lavish facilities.
Facts & figures
You must store only once somewhere a device with dimensions 158 x 60 x 27 mm and rich 249 grams weight. The lithium-ion battery 1300 mAh provides, according to Nokia that’s enough standby mode or 10 hours continuous talk for up to 230 hours. In the PDA continuous operation the battery kept alive the 9210 in the test about a day. Convenient: The phone part of the Smartphone can be deactivated separately. The display is huge: 640 x 200 pixels with 4096 colors make for a razor sharp display. Only in the sunlight has 9210 problems. It is delivered with four megabytes (MB) of RAM and a 16 MB multimedia card (MMC).
Phone features
Folded, you can use the 9210 as a normal cell phone, even short messages quickly to tap. For longer texts, it is advisable to use the keyboard equipment. In the telephone operating the 9210 sounds very good, here is the size takes positive effect: there is a large surface for the ear, the microphone is located very close to the mouth. It opens up the mobile phone, the hands free automatically turns on. This is for use in the car too quiet, but it is sufficient for comfortable working at the desk.
The Communicator sounds with 38 fixed bell sounds, additional you can SMS download or sample until the memory is full. The 9210 as well as six profiles offers VIP and group functions. It is incomprehensible why Nokia has bought no vibration alert the Communicator. The SMS administration of the Communicator leaves nothing to be desired. The user can concatenate messages or easily send to multiple recipients. Gets the 9210 only when receiving SMS with text in the sender problems, as they often come free-SMS services-the Communicator ignored these short messages.

PDA Functions: Connectivity & Co.

The 9210 contains a complete PDA. Calendar, address book and mail folders can be via serial cable or infrared connection to a PC or notebook match.
PDA functions
You can edit Word and Excel files directly on the 9210. The 9210 also shows power point presentations-after appropriate conversion included desktop software.
The Communicator plays videos and has a real player to play real audio or real video content. Lacks only an MP3 player-playing standard recorder of the 9210 WAV only space-eating files off.
Data functions
In addition to the fully fledged 14.4 kbit/s-modem, fast data transmission via HSCSD provides the 9210. Possible combinations: 3 + 1 (three channels (43.2 kbit/s) for the preparation of (14.4 kbit/s) for the preparation) and 2+2 (two channels (28.8 kbit/s) for down and preparation). In the test, the data Turbo worked easily, you can make the necessary settings when you set up online access. The E-Mail program manages multiple accounts and queries them one by one during an online connection. The mail protocols SMTP, POP3, and IMAP are supported. Sending and receiving work in the test at the first attempt. Attachments the mail client will handle well-especially in conjunction with Word or Excel. Core function of smartphones: it should to match addresses, notes or E-Mails with your PC. This synchronization via infrared or cable ran easily in the test. A shortcoming: The serial cable or infrared connection is painfully slow, it takes about 25 minutes the 9210 to the dubbing of approximately 350 addresses.
Enter text, select cover page, recipient in the address book search, submit – the fax is ready. Want to but a picture with fax, could the memory to be overwhelmed – also if no other application is open. The photo mail order fax worked then but easily from the image viewing software. Although WWW pages with the 9210 mobile viewing pleasure little, but it is possible thanks to the Web browser anyway. Offering WAP you can even enjoy the Nokia: great display, sensible bookmark management, different approaches, configurable browser.

Practice: Support For Thumb Tipper

When the sound processed 9210, the somewhat spongy and habituation need keyboard allows a fairly effective text input.
Nice: the support for thumb tipsters. The Communicator remembers a pressed shift key and writes the next entered letters big. The English test model, the cursor control keys were better to use than the serial device. At the time of purchase it may be worth so to try out the cursor keys.
Who is accustomed to a Palm OS or Windows CE PDA, will take a little time, until he is familiar with the operating concept of the 9210. But then turns out the distribution in fi xed function keys directly, and context sensitive softkeys right next to the display as very effective. Just the four soft keys help the operation if the user keeps the device in the hands, because with the right thumb checked many navigation and processing steps. The menu button activates a horizontal menu bar that contains all available functions and actions in the respective mode. In this bar navigates the user through a four-way button. In addition, there are shortcuts for important functions.
Pleasant were surprised the Xonio Tester from the configuration of data services: who the world has its access data for WAP, Web or email, configures its Communicator within a few minutes without long manual reading. The manual of the Communicator provides very detailed information, unfortunately, installing the PC software is documented only moderately. More information, but can be found on the enclosed CD.


With the 9210, Nokia has set very high the bar for the competition.
The folding concept is also suitable for PDA applications the Communicator for short calls, his logical and clear operating concept opens up quickly. For relaxation: who can play superbly crafted games like “Bounce” on the phone, which delayed trains or flights nerves much less.Also positive: the integrated HSCSD function, which speeds up data transfer for E-Mail, WAP – and Web-browser. Already to make it fit for the future, the 9210 Nokia would have to pay for but also GPRS.
One of weaknesses: Unfortunately, the synchronization of data between PC and Communicator takes much time. And it remains puzzling why it can not receive 9210 SMS text sender. However, The Nokia 9210 is so far the best smartphone that has tested Xonio.