A Bra for Every Garment

You’re tired because you never know what type of fastener to use when you wear the dress or tied around his neck shirt that you love but has a somewhat complicated neckline. Gone are your problem … We give you the clues to guess the bra!
The main objective of bra we have already met, let comfortable and helps us take care of the time the chest. Now we go for the second goal, which is the most suitable bra depending on the garment I wear.
And it is that finding the bra style fit for each garment is not an easy task, and then what happens, the tie looks uninvited. To help it, be careful!

Ideal for garments with square necklines and empire cuts
Spacious and very sexy neckline and cut.

PUSH-UP effect
Perfect to wear garments with wide necklines ‘V’
Centra bust and gets a sexy cleavage.
SHAPING effect
Designed for all kinds of garments, mainly for those who are tight and with which we want to ensure invisibility.
Invisible bra lift the chest up round it. The result is ‘Effect surgery without surgery’, as described on http://www.usprivateschoolsfinder.com/bras-and-panties-set/.
Respects the natural shape of the breast, to cover virtually all, it is recommended for garments not too wide neckline.
Lift your chest. perfect subjection, even in larger cups.