9 Nexus, in-Depth Analysis and Videoreview

We have just released a full analysis in Engadget Google Nexus 9 tablet and can confirm that although the initial impressions on it were good, our conclusions after testing follow the same line with some caveats.
Google Nexus 9 It is very well designed, has a set price and offers a good experience with the new version of Android. To this we must add a Performance outside series and the update in one of tasks pending for the Android tablets, the autonomy.

Nexus 9, successful and time update

Google He has cleverly read the trend of the market, which is fleeing due 7-inch tablets, in large part, to the growth and cannibalization of this market by smartphones and there is also a reluctance towards the use of oversized tablets.
Nexus 9 is the first tablet from Google happens to use a widescreen 16:9 used a screen with 4:3 format, with which Google shows the colorful, simple and lively Android 5.0 Lollipop.
Bearing in mind that this format It is optimal for browsing and query data, e-mail and other types of information, have to admit that it is something behind to display multimedia content.
To alleviate this problem HTC He has assembled a panel 8.9-inch IPS and high resolution, 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, flanked by the speaker system HTC Boomsound you offer a good quality of sound and in great detail in the sound including a remarkable real stereo effect.

Power everywhere

The tablet manufactured by HTC makes use of the powerful chip NVIDIA Tegra K1 with Denver 64-bit CPU. In this case we have a dual 2.5 GHz with 2 GB RAM core CPU.
Integrated graphics card is the same that uses, for example NVIDIA Shield Tablet, based on Kepler architecture and with 192 cores getting great performance in 3D testing.
Synthetic performance tests are proof that we are one of the most powerful tablets on the market.

AnTuTu 5 58.198 points
Quadrant 13.873 points
Vellamo Chrome: 6.328 points
MultiCore: 2.547 points
Metal: 2,789 points
3DMark Ice Storm (720 p): Maxed out!
Ice Storm Extreme (1080 p): Maxed out!
Ice Storm Unlimited: 25.804
EPIC Citadel Ultra High quality 100%: 58.7 FPS @ 2048 × 1,440
PCMark Work Performance 5.808 points
(onscreen / offscreen)
Manhattan: 1.339 / 1.829
T-Rex: 2.454 / 3.241

Conclusions: great device with some shadows

We encourage you to read the analysis in full at Engadget but already here to glimpse some of the strong points and also of the problems that we have detected both software and hardware in this new Nexus 9.

  • Format, dimensions and weight
  • Power and performance
  • Quality audio speakers


  • Lollipop 5.0 still something Green
  • Loading speed
  • Very basic camera, without native RAW support software
  • Screen light leakage
  • Lack of support (only ChromeCast) Miracast