8 Weeks Pregnancy

Arriving at the eight weeks of pregnancy, your baby achieves an important goal: ceases to be considered an embryo and fetus, name that will take the rest of their intrauterine life (until the birth) is now called.

  • Your baby measures: between 0.80 and 0.56 inch (between 1.42 and 2 cm)
  • More or less of the size: a grape

Your baby

At eight weeks of pregnancy your baby grows at the incredible speed of a millimeter per day, that is faster than the rest of your life will grow it!
Moreover, your little begins to look more like a baby. His facial features are more defined, including the lips, nose and eyelids. His eyes also have color, but you will not know for certain their final color until several weeks after birth.
Now your baby begins to be more active, but their movements are still visible. With the development of limbs, are elbows, wrists and the beginning of little fingers. Remember that your baby seemed to have a tail at the end of your spine during their first weeks of gestation?
That also fades.
Your baby’s kidneys are already functioning, which means that now your baby urinate (and does). While in the womb, your baby waste are released into processing or amniotic fluid through the umbilical cord.
Their genitalia begin to develop, but it will be several weeks before they can identify in an ultrasound image to know their sex.

Your body

You can not make even your pregnancy clothes, but perhaps it is time to loosen those skinny jeans. During the first quarter you can increase and a five pound total (between 450 grams and 2.3 kilograms), one pound per week in the second and third quarters. Part increase it in reserve of fat, protein and nutrients, increase in breast, amniotic fluid and fluid retention, but also in greater blood flow you need during pregnancy (you can interest: How is distributed in pregnancy weight? )).
If your pregnancy is not the time to worry about weight gain, yes you should seek to bring a nutritious diet and stay active. This helps the well-being of your pregnancy, to care for your physical condition for the hour of birth and lose weight after pregnancy. I recommend this website.