8 Tips to Show off Your Bikini

In some countries it is known as “Operation Bikini” and is not nothing but pursue strategies to regain lost weight, waist disappeared or the dreamed-abdominals. The holidays are approaching and it is time to move away from the appetizers, buy a new swimsuit, highlight our charms and hide our imperfections.
Estatelearning will give you 10 tips and tricks for you to look spectacular on the sea or pool:

1 Choose the Bikini According to Your Figure Type

If you afraid of bikini by your figure, the basic thing is choose it depending on the shape of your body. If you’re voluptuous, choose solid colors, top should be large cup and should have good support. If you’re not so curvaceous, seeks that the part of down your have some detail that creates a visual field of curves. And for those who have little bust, the strapless are ideal because gravity will give you the feeling that there is something where there is no.

2. Watch out for the Above

Uses it not so tight to create rolls on the back or under the bust. Don’t forget that you must be a good support for the breasts and cover just enough.

3 Cared for Bottom

It should not be so tight that you add volume in the abdomen, may exalt the love handles or display your cellulite. It should not be so loose that drop or move too. If you use a bikini with ribbons to tie, taking into account the above and to prevent accidents, get double knot.

4. Shave You!

Avoid any posture you delate. Don’t you look good in your bikini if you can not lift your arms because you forgot to epilating. Nor forget the legs and if get used it, the bikini area. If you’re not familiar, try, at least, cut hair. You never know what move will make you waves.

5. Don’t Hide!

If you have cellulite or sagging in the legs, you can use a sarong. To not cover too and look good your bikini, you can use tissues or the translucent. Other options include short skirts or shorts, which you can use open to look more sexy. Ensures that contrast the color with the of the bottom of your bikini.

6 Safety Projects

Forget the stereotype of the perfect woman: does not exist. We all have flaws, attributes and characteristics, but what makes us attractive is our attitude. If you feel secure with yourself, you proyectarás that image and you will be so perceived.

7 It Hides Your Hips

If you have abundant abundant hips, good advice: stay away from the “boy shorts” (wide hip) and the “dental floss” Brazilian-style. Plays combining patterned tops and bottoms discrete, without pins and a single tone, to draw attention to the party’s top body and hide bottom. High leg cuts favor you more than the Netherlands.

8 Beware of Colors

If you wide up and down, always remember who your enemies are: white, fluorescent colors, flowers, or large prints. Forget them! Costumes of a piece and a single tone will be your best allies. The black, is well-known, stylized.
Learn how to choose a good bikini or, in their absence, a swimsuit that you favor and enjoy the holiday!