8+ Gifts for Newborns

It is very common to offer a present to the newborn . In the case of the future mom making a baby shower is at this time that friends and family offer their gift, but in some cases it is common to offer at the time the baby is born.

8+ Gifts for Newborns

Some moms make a gift list, to make it easier to choose. Thus each person offers something according to their monetary availability.

But when there is no list. What to offer. Newborns need many things, but how to avoid giving something repeated or clothing that they will not get to use.

Gift Ideas for Newborns

It’s best to ask Mom what you need, here are some ideas



In the first months the baby spends a lot of diapers. Diapers are always a useful gift, buy a larger size. Instead of offering a package, offer the diaper-shaped diapers.



Make a basket with some essential items for a newborn baby like serum, ointment for rashes, body cream suitable for newborns. You can also add some items such as a hat, slippers, a cloth diaper, a bib.

# 3

Hands and feet kit

There are some kits that allow to make the mold of the hands and feet of the baby. It is a turning idea of ​​a gift, a way to eternize the size of the feet or the hands of the baby. These kits are made with products suitable for babies.

# 4

Birth chart

You can wait for the baby’s birth and have a birth chart done. It is a chart where you can place the day of birth, time, weight, length and other data.

# 5

Baby’s book

The baby’s book is an excellent gift. It is a book where the mother can record data about the baby from birth to the first year. In it the mom can put the weight in each month, register the first word, the birth of the first tooth, the first baby. They are beautiful memories of keeping.

# 6


Clothing is also quite useful, however, it is natural that the mother already has enough clothes for the first few months. The ideal is to offer interiors that are always useful and clothes of a larger size like 3 or 6 months.

# 7


In the early days babies do not connect to toys, but in time they start to play. Opt for educational toys.

# 8

Gift Card

If you have no idea what to offer or are afraid of not matching your parents’ taste then offer a gift card. Choose a brand that Mother likes and offer the card so that Mom can buy something she really needs or likes.