8 and 10 Inch Tablet from Lenovo Yoga 3

Lenovo prepares the launch of Yoga Tablet 3. The evening event scheduled for September 2 in Berlin will show for IFA 2015 all range for winter, and between these products, there will also be 3° Yoga generation tablets. We already know many details.
Online certifications (FCC, Hotel Le Negresco and Bluetooth SIG) and the benchmark results (GFXBench) we have unveiled the hardware business configurations YT3-850F and YT3-X50F: 8 x 10 inch display with 800 and 1280 pixels, CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 and 410, 1/2 GB of RAM and 16 GB eMMC. With microSD slot, 3 g option/LTE and Android 5.0 Lollipop low end models will have-but probably not the only representatives of new line. In the last few hours is coming off a first image of YT3-850F.
Rendering suggests a design similar to Yoga Tablet 2 (see http://www.timelesstablets.com). There continues to be cylindrical handle/battery, there continues to be the kickstand, continues to be the rear hole for “hung”–to a wall. The power button remains on the side of the cylinder, probably with notification LED inside. The novelty is in the rotating room that can be front or back. Is an approach used on some Asian tablets, clearly at ease on a tablet as flexible as this.
8 inch Tablet 3 Yoga by won’t be the only novelty. Are discounted upgrades for models from10 inches, and maybe some news for the particular 13 inch with integrated projector. The Yoga line received acclaim at the time of the first launch (incredible battery life, ergonomics, good prices, metal construction) but lost much appeal with the 2nd generation: Windows 8.1were more expensive competition with certain design problems (the keyboard dock magnetic magnetic little …). There is every reason to believe in a raise in the fall.