7 Weeks Pregnancy

If they have not done so yet, already for the seven weeks of pregnancy are full of the first trimester pregnancy symptoms, especially fatigue and nausea. Meanwhile, your baby reaches important milestones in intrauterine development.

Your baby

It is amazing the speed with which grows your baby in pregnancy. Its size has doubled during the last week, and although it is barely bigger than a peanut, they are beginning to form their hands and feet, and even have dots will be where your fingers.
According to this article, at seven weeks of pregnancy, already his heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, Appendix and bowels have been formed, although they are still rudimentary versions and have much to develop. His features facials, such as the eyes, mouth and nostrils, are beginning to notice. His tongue and ears are also developed.
The head is the largest part of your baby’s body, since your brain requires the highest growth at this stage and generates about 100 brain cells per minute.
Umbilical cord, the tube that connects you to your baby until its birth, It is formed to reach the seven weeks of pregnancy. Yolk sac (their source of nutrition until now) it will soon disappear and the umbilical cord will be responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to your baby, and eliminate waste.

Your body

In the first trimester of pregnancy, most of the changes in your body are given internally. These are some of the transformations to reach the seven weeks of pregnancy:

  • Your uterus has already doubled in size.
  • The mucous plug, which is a protective membrane that seals your cervical canal is formed. The mucous plug will come off just before birth.
  • Your blood flow also increases to meet the needs of your baby. Upon reaching the seven weeks of pregnancy, you have 10% more blood circulating in your body.
  • The only visible change is the growth of your breasts, which at this point can be measured one more size. And as they grow, it increases their sensitivity. Also the veins surrounding them become more visible, and notes small eruptions on your areola (known as Montgomery glands).