7 Looks to Rock on Valentine's Day

When we think of Valentine’s Day, always comes to mind to buy something special for someone you love, aren’t you?
However, this date so special is not made only of present, since it also includes the date of the couple.
Therefore, it is worthwhile to perfect the look, depending on the place of celebration. So, your love will be even more delighted with you. Check out some tips to rock the day 12:
See what to wear on Valentine’s Day:
At the Movies
If you want to see a movie to celebrate Valentine’s Day, think of a cooler and basic, not to let the overworked appearance.
A pair of jeans with a fun t-shirt or a flowery dress and a Cardigan fall very well. To complement, bet on a neutral shoe or, if you opt for capri pants, sports shoes, as this.
If the film is during the day, you don’t need a make-up strong by simply using a base, an eyeliner, a mascara and a lip gloss pale, just to highlight the face.
In the Restaurant
Go to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day requires a more formal and elegant look, even more if the establishment has a fancy buffet and a fancy menu.
So, invest in a silk shirt and a flare pants or knee-length skirt. Feet, take the opportunity to use that beautiful sandal that you don’t use too much or pumps.
If cool, worth having on hand a blazer, which can be basic. This type of look requires a more careful makeup and, of course, a pair of earrings and necklace.
Museum or Theatre
For a more cultural celebration, it is best to think of casual clothes, comfortable, but full of charm.
A good option is the combination of long skirt emblazoned with basic blouse and flat sandals. If it’s cold, just use a more tight pants, which can be legging or jeans with a leather jacket and boots.
To make this last romantic and cute alternative, since you can leave the jacket look more rocker, the ideal is to opt for a shirt or Florida chess underneath.
If the program is during the day, the make-up can be basic, but during the night worth using a metallic shade.
In the Park
Many couples will take advantage of the Valentine’s Day to stay in touch with nature, picnic and enjoy the tranquillity in a city park.
If you are thinking about it, get ready to rock the look more cozy or even hippie. If you want simplicity, bet on short jeans, a nice blouse, a necklace and a maximum running shoes, so you can ride a bike and do other sports at home.
But, if you want a look more romantic and enveloping, how about investing in boho chic? Currently, this is one of the most popular styles, which is winning women of various profiles.
Among the boho chic pieces that you can find and adapt to your wardrobe are:

  • clothes with ethnic prints
  • tunics
  • Scrubs
  • Ruffles
  • fringes
  • In addition to pastel colors and brown

The best way to enjoy the sound of the band’s favorite with comfort, after all, depending on the type of show, you will have to stand for hours, in addition to jump, dance and sing.
For this occasion, you can splurge style with a short jeans destroyed, which is that of pale wash and shirt and shoe low, like boots, sneakers, sneaker or sandals.
To make the look more special, bet on sunglasses, scarves or even a gear in the head, a hat or beret – if the event is in a open place.
Avoid using high heels in this type of program, unless you go stay in a cabin and make sure that it will not move around much.
If your plan is to enjoy Valentine’s Day in another city, don’t even worry about the clothes that you will use in the match, because both the plane as the car require just looks comfortable.
The most important thing in this case is to choose good plays, considering the types of tours that will make the city and the temperature, always remembering that it is worth taking a change of warm clothes, even though the destination is hot and vice versa.
Amusement Park
For the adventurers on duty, Tip: looks that cherish the comfort. In the case of the amusement parks, it is interesting to highlight the importance of not overdoing the accessories, because in some toys they can disrupt the fun and to be prevented from entering.
So, opt for a fun look, a band t-shirt or Florida, shorts or jeans and, preferably, tennis. How you going to stir a lot, the makeup should be the most basic possible not to leave until the end of the tour.
Now that you know what to wear in each type of program, notice what’s in the wardrobe, think of the look, prepare the present and have a great Valentine’s Day, filled with love, affection and respect.