7 Guidelines for a Coach to Make a Turn and Start Working in Te Gusta

Have a job for life. That is a concept that all have heard once in the life. Usually, as desire that our parents have for us. Today, with the employment situation, it seems an impossible dream, but it is that it may not even be that to which we aspire. We are one restless generation, looking for change and improvement, also in terms of work. I want to have work all my life, not a job for life.

I know what I mean. Twice in my life I have made good, well-paid jobs and, more importantly, that they liked me, for throw me into the adventure in a completely different field. I did not like crazy, nor do we exaggerate. But would Yes well come me some guidelines to better cope with the radical change. Aida Baida, certified and founder of the professional web Coach, coach speak of seven guidelines to dare to take the step if we want to give a radical change to our professional life:

Forget the excuses

The most common excuse is the age. «That you have no twenty years» It is something that we will hear very often if we decided to give a total twist to our career. If we assume them and reculamos in our purpose, we are possibly using them as excuse the fear of failure.

Want to learn

Training is key, Perhaps more at this moment than in any other of labour history. We have more chances than ever of Learn about different subjects and formats. There is only an effective way to succeed in different fields: knowledge updated on them. If we have no desire to learn, we will be by closing many doors.

Not lose sight of the goal

At this point, it enters our game economic situation. Sometimes, we have to accept any job for a position of need. But, if we can afford it, we must trying to be demanding with what you are looking for. Be clear about our professional goal and accept only jobs that bring us closer to him.

Separate the personal and professional spheres

We need to develop our professional life around our personal life, rather than the other way around. Know how to separate the private sphere of professional and decide how much of our time and effort to devote to each one. Or what is the same: work to live, not live to work.

“Your career is part of your life, not your life.” Aida Baida, professional coach.

Defend your right to change your mind

In any area of life, many people tend to identify the exchange of ideas with be fickle or have little personality. Change your mind is normal, even necessary. Our lives are enriched experiences that make that equals twenty to forty things we cannot see. Perhaps the madness would be otherwise.

Knowing our skills

One of the cornerstones when changing working life is get to know our own skills. If I decide at this point that I want to be Olympic gymnast, it would give me a good bump (literally). But it is not only important to know our skills, but be clear that We should not do something just because we give well. The key is to find the fair balance between what we do and what we want to do.

Find motivation

What is it that motivates us to make a leap from bed when the alarm clock rings? That’s one of the questions we have to ask ourselves. Are we ambitious or conformists? Sociable or individualistic? Learn to know us will give us many clues about where to go in the professional field. If we are ambitious, we not mind sacrificing much of our time to achieve the goals. If we are more sociable, it is better to flee from autonomous works that we do not have a relationship with fellow. And so with every feature of our personality.

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