7 Days, 7: From The Apple Watch Release Up To The LG G4

The Apple watch is published at last and mastered of course also made the news in the past week. Except for Apple’s first wearable, but other new devices, apps and software updates provided for headlines. There was lots of news at CURVED to the current top Smartphones from Samsung and, of course, the introduction of the Sony Xperia Z4. That the coming weeks and months are hardly boring, the messages to the oncoming LG G4 and also to the suspected Apple smartphones iPhone 6 c, 6 s and even the iPhone 7 can be expected.
The Apple Watch Is Published Officially
7 Days, 7 From The Apple Watch Release Up To The LG G4-1
On Friday, it was finally so far: the Apple watch appeared in 9 countries, is also Germany belongs to. Stars like Beyoncé had already photographed in advance with particularly beautiful varieties of Apple watch Edition. When going to the app in other countries in the sale, has not been set. Rumors suggest that Apple has shifted one originally laid down 8 may start in Italy. A change of plan was apparently also in relation to the Bracelet Exchange. As well, but your wrist against another color variation of the same model can exchange customers under certain conditions within two weeks after the purchase.
Also on the app store, something seems to be. So, the message from an app rejected by Apple suggests that Apple pushes to no eye now when developers only mention other Smartwatch platforms in their descriptions. Suitable to start Apple explained once again in detail the functioning of the heart rate sensor, which makes some consumer advocates clearly very nervous.

The iPhone 6 C To The iPad Pro
The Apple watch will remain not only new Apple product this year, that much is clear. What new tools will bring the company from Cupertino by 2015 but still on the market, this is a well kept secret. The previously suspected iPhone 6c should not come although according to Ming-Chi Kuo in this year, but it could come then yes as well as iPhone 7 with 4 inch display next year. How an iPhone 7 with an Apple watch Crown might look, showed a thrilling concept video last week by the way.
The iPhone 6s is one of the new products, which will appear pretty safe this year and accordingly the rumors go even further in depth. So, the next iPhone, for example, of the same especially hard material should be made, which is used in the construction of the Apple watch sports. Probably after the presentation of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s plus then the huge iPad Pro should be presented. Both the Tablet and the next smartphone from Apple should of course with iOS 9 run, which also stimulate the imagination of the designer.
7 Days, 7 From The Apple Watch Release Up To The LG G4-2
The Sony Xperia Z4 Is There – In Japan
Sony has unveiled its Xperia Z4 and thereby resolved all outstanding issues to the facilities of the Smartphone. Unfortunately, the device but apparently only in Japan to appear. New Sony Smartphone will be sold instead internationally, the big question now is. Two offshoots of the Z4, namely the Xperia Z4 compact and the Xperia Z4 Ultra, were already attention. That appear only these two devices outside of Japan, but is unlikely, because their size is likely probably greatly differ from the BMW Z4 and its predecessor Z3. What looks new smartphone in comparison with its predecessor, you can see here, BTW. Also could you care how Amir would equip a Xperia Z5 so that it becomes the absolute Super phone.
On The Test Track
Of course again a lot with CURVED was also tested last week. In addition to the newly introduced Huawei P8, for example, the rather oblique-looking camera had to show Polaroid Socialmatic, what you can. In addition, we took the fitness Tracker fit bit surge are scrutinized and compared the Xperia Z4 to the Galaxy S6, the one M9 and the iPhone 6. Also exciting: The scratch test with the ion-X glass of Apple watch sport.
Of The Galaxy S6 To The Thinnest Tablet Of The World
The Koreans have to do a lot currently. So the Galaxy S6 to edge sell so well, that Samsung will further display factories in operation. It also means at the same time that the iPhone 6 sales figures with the release of the new smartphones have fallen slightly. On the other hand, figures in Korea but still falling short of sales expectations should be. In the course of the next months, there should be here clearer statements and concrete and global sales. Also current rumor that Samsung will soon bring out the thinnest tablet of the world has.
As regards security, so it was news last week to the Galaxy S6, as well as to the previous Galaxy S5: who owns an appropriate device, should therefore refrain from a root of the S6, or ensure that he provides his Galaxy S5 with the latest Android version. We have regarding the Galaxy S6, incidentally, also some practical advice for you, concerning the camera modes and also General functions.
Lollipop And Whatsapp Updates, As Well As A Glimpse Of The Ios 8.4 Jailbreak
The producers of Android Smartphones do every effort to provide their devices with current software. New updates for example the Samsung smartphones Galaxy A3 and S4 active, as well as various Sony devices have received last week. For the Motorola Moto X by 2013 should appear soon lollipop 5.1 in this country. Google also released a comprehensive update for Android wear wearable platform.
7 Days, 7 From The Apple Watch Release Up To The LG G4-3
Also the Messenger WhatsApp has received some updates in the last week. On iPhones, you may therefore now disables the read receipts and use the phone function. The latter is now also available for BlackBerry users. Android is now the backup function via Google drive available. Anyone looking for a jailbreak for his device, which could be interested in also the preview video of the iOS hacking specialist Stefan Esser.
LG G4: Only A Few Days Until The Unveiling
The LG G4 will be presented on April 28 and April 29 to buy at least in Korea already. Suitable to the approaching release, the manufacturer States more and more information to the UI, the display, the case and also to the camera. It says in addition that the bent of the Smartphone screen can be exchanged for one year free of charge. New in our extensive collection of rumor to the LG G4 Galaxy S6 an info at the price, according to the the device could cost even more than Samsung’s also are new.