6 Easy Steps to Make Lipstick and Invent Your Own Shade

If there’s one thing I love in makeup, is the lipstick! I confess that as soon as I started the blog, I was quite shy and always were more tones nudes, but today I love a mouth and the more different the color, the more attractive I am feeling!
But not everything is rosy, sometimes I’m a little afraid to buy a very different color because I’m afraid of not being able to “hold” the look. Not to mention those too exotic colors we will use once in life and in death. So … surfing the net in search of alternatives, I found a DIY magic, with “ingredients” that every woman has at home and who gave super right and that can save us.
Believe it or not, the tip is to make a lipstick divo using only a lip balm and eye shadow powder!
I’m following a lipstick Eggplant for a long time, but I can never find the exact shade I want (I just haven’t seen it on MAC yet because I know that there’s going to be one and I’m holding to not spend! Lol), so I decided to take a chance and do this test, and it worked!
I chose a dark tone, and pulled the marsala in my palette and I adored it. The best part from ewenzhou.info: it lasted some 4 hours on my lips!
No more of zapping and let’s get down to business. How to make the blessed lipstick? To start, you need to choose a balm. I chose the Amis Naturaline because it is super moisturizing and able to keep the lips moist, and it makes it fast to spread the shadow. From what I read on the internet, you can also override the balm for a lipstick shade similar to the shadow, but in my opinion, if I already have a similar color lipstick, why would I replace the shadow? In addition, most of my lipsticks are more crisp, so couldn’t spread the shadow with ease.
After passing the balm, I chose the shade and applied on the lips with his own finger (without much frescurite) and was spreading to achieve a uniform tone.
As I like the lipstick look more crisp, I gave some light Pat with a translucent powder over it, which besides matificar, still helps in fixing the lipstick-shade!
And then divas … Has anyone done this test at home? I found a great idea to test the black lipstick that’s pumping out there!
I want to know your opinions!
I hope you enjoyed the tip!