5 Weeks Pregnancy

Despite his young age, at five weeks pregnant , your baby begins the process of formation of their vital organs, like the heart, spinal cord, muscles, bones and the circulatory system.

  • Your baby measures: 0.05 inch (1.27 mm)
  • More or less of the size: a sesame or flax seed

His head is the largest part of your body and do not have limbs, so its appearance is often compared to the one of a tadpole.
The placenta, responsible for nurturing your baby, give oxygen and remove debris begins to form, as well as the umbilical cord.

Symptoms of pregnancy

It will be many weeks before your pregnancy is visible, but you can reveal your symptoms. These are some of the first symptoms of pregnancy:

  • Changes in the appearance and sensitivity of your breasts. One of the first physical changes occurs in your breasts. Around five weeks of pregnancy, you may notice that your areolas, those dark circles surrounding the nipple, enlarge and darken. Also appear small eruptions in this area, like tiny pimples. And in a short time you will notice that your breasts are large and full, and the veins around them are more visible.
  • Extreme fatigue. To a small train requires energy, and suddenly eight hours of sleep is no longer sufficient. Be very careful when driving and comes to rest.
  • Aches or nausea. Hormonal changes are responsible for the dizziness and nausea in pregnancy. Generally these occur during the first trimester of pregnancy and disappear around the 12th week of pregnancy. They can occur at any time of the day and tend to be accompanied by discomfort. In extreme cases, nausea can be called hyperemesis Gravidarum and require medical attention or hospitalization.

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It confirms your pregnancy

For the fifth week of pregnancy you have seven days of delay in your menstrual period. If you think you are pregnant and still not confirm your status, take a home pregnancy test or go to the doctor. This helps you eliminate the anxiety, but, more important still, to start your pregnancy and your prenatal care.