5 Ways to Hide the Cables of Your TV

Despite all the technology and modern design of electronic devices, you still need to plug them into power through cables and wires. TV, video games, home theater and DVD players and Blu-Ray become necessary at home, but bring together a tangle of wires that make the charm and disrupt the organization of any space.
Elaineqho will offer some tips to hide the cables of your television and the components connected to it. Check it:


The channels are not visually so beautiful, but they are efficient to hide wires anywhere. You can opt for black channels, white or paint color of your wall. There are also thicker channels, which are supported aspect of the television on the wall.


The most widely used and beautiful option to hide the wires is to invest in a panel to your television. Available in various colors, sizes and designs, the panels are installed with a few centimeters away from the wall, so the wires are behind safely and efficiently.
Another tip is to place the power socket on the device height. If the riot is not one of your options to change the installation place there in the market Eletrofita – just paste the adhesive metal strip on the wall and connect the wires are inside the outlet. Prices start from R $ 105.00. Better understand how it works here .


If you cannot fight the wires, use them to your advantage. With a little inspiration, you can use them to complement the decor of your home, leaving the different and organized environment. You will not even remember that there are wires in the environment.

Invisible Hooks

Another practical option is to set hooks or brackets on the bottom or back of the unit where your device is. The solution is low cost, mobile is not damaged and no one will suspect where the cables are hidden.

Embedded Cables

If you are willing to something more definitive – or think your space does not match a panel – the best option is to embed the TV cables in the wall. The wall must be broken vertically, and the wires will be within a PVC pipe. Then simply seal and paint the wall again. If you change your TV, just pull the wires and pass the new wire through the hole.
Do you have any other solution to hide the wires? Comment here and share with us.