5 Ultra-thin Watches That Beat Records

Set a record and be recognized by the same ambition of many people and companies. In the world of horology would be no different. In this year, one of the SIHH disputes friendly between the marks was in the area of ultra-thin watches. And it’s not enough to be puny, not. The complexity of the complications and movements are essential items for those who want to enter this select group. Just below you can see the five models that were marked by its “thinness”.
The Minute Repeater with world’s thinnest self-winding:
Jaeger-LeCoultre Hybris Mechanica 11
In contrast to the topic of the list, the full name of this model is well stuffed: Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Minute Repeater ultra-thin Flying Tourbillon. And the piece has to brag about. Not only hold the record for the thinnest Repeater, but also managed to include a whirlwind and self-winding, through a rotor peripheral, in its movement of just 4.8 mm thick. The price hasn’t been released.
The minute repeater with world’s thinnest manual winding: Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine ultra-thin Caliber 1731
Displayed for the first time in Hong Kong, this Vacheron Constantin has the case a bit thicker than the Hybris Mechanica 11 (8.09 mm), however, the minute Repeater is somewhat thinner, just 3.9 mm. 1731 caliber, has hand-wound movement and power reserve of 65 hours. The movement also incorporates an innovative device, which reduces the zumbindos that may accompany the bells. The watch comes in a box of pink gold and is sold for $ 369,300 (without taxes).
The world’s thinnest mechanical watch: Piaget Altiplano 900 p
It should come as no surprise that Piaget is on the list. The brand is culturally associated with the superfinos watches. The Highland’s only thickness 900 p 3.65 mm, believe it or not. To do so, Piaget has merged the movement with the case, so that the back of the inner box serve as display. With 38 mm diameter box, the piece comes in rose gold, $ 26200, and white gold, $ 27800 (prices do not include fees or taxes).
The world’s thinnest Tourbillon currently on the market: Arnold & Son Utte
According to Sebastian Chaulmontet, Development Director of the Arnold & Son, was never the intention of the brand achieve this record, however, the Utte, or “Ultra Thin Tourbillon Escapement”, soon drew attention when it was released, in 2013, during Baselworld. The case has 8.43 mm thick and 42 in diameter. Slipstream the S8200 & has impressive 2.97 mm. This clock can be found in rose gold, $ 69050, or palladium $ 59950 (no fees or taxes).
The world’s thinnest Tourbillon to be released: Breguet Classique Tourbillon Extra Thin Automatic 5377
Model better Arnold & Son bear the title above while you can. Presented at Baselworld 2013 and to be released this year, the Breguet Classique Tourbillon Extra Thin Automatic 5377 has 42 mm diameter case and only 7 mm thick. His movement Caliber 581DR has only 3 mm, amazing, since the power reserve is 90 hours and its frequency is 4 Hz, exceptionally high for a Tourbillon movement. The price hasn’t been released.