5 Signs You're Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

Girls! We must tell you once and for all: Once focused, you no longer feel your bra. If yours hurt you, never ceases to go up, leave you marks on the skin hurts you … The facts are simple: this underwear is not for you.

To take care of your health and enhance your cleavage, wear a bra that suits your body and brings maintenance to your chest. Do not worry about trends “underwear”, give priority to your personal comfort. Anyway, there are sexy underwear for all sizes and shapes of breasts. Here are the signs that your bra is not for you.
PS: Do not take these signs lightly; the skin of your breasts is extremely delicate and relaxes therefore quickly.
The bulging chest
The bonnet of your bra should perfectly fit the shape of your breast. It should not yawn or otherwise tighten your breast to the point of overflowing. Generally, these are bras trash that tend to yawn.Indeed, rigid as they are too large caps will get noticed despite the many layers of clothing. Bras too small will instead make a tormented at the bulging chest and ruin your look.
The straps mark your skin
You have beautiful adjust the straps, the latter mark your skin and leave as red as a painful trace.This is a sign that your bra:

  • is too small for you
  • does not support enough your chest

These are usually girls with large breasts who suffer from such problems. If you have this concern, choose a model with wider straps. These will enable you to have a plunging neckline, not to irritate your skin and you avoid back problems in the future.