5 Outfits in the Shirt with a Bow


The elegant clothes that you can wear in the most chic occasions and glamorous are really very many. Shirts, jackets, blazers,suits, skirts, dresses, are just some of the elements that a woman can not have in your wardrobe. One of the leaders of fashion in recent years, is the shirt with bow . The shirts with the jib, are a symbol of elegance par excellence, style andoriginality. In this guide to help you wear this singular leader, we will give you some advice and a few tips with 5outfits to fit in a shirt with a bow.

Pinstripe trousers, shirt with bow and stilettos

One of the outfit more glamorous and loved by young girls but also by women of a certain age, it consists of wonderful pantstube gray pinstripes, a white silk blouse with a bow also in silk and vertiginous heels blacks or colored leather stiletto dark.With this outfit, you’ll be perfect for the office and for all formal job opportunities.

blacks pants, shirt with bow and dancers

Another very stylish outfits to dial with a beautiful blouse with a bow, can consist of in pants blacks jersey very large, soft, a chiffon shirt with black or white ribbon or white with a black ribbon and leather ballerinas strictly black. With this outfit you’ll be perfect to go to the theater, to a dinner date or a drink with friends, as politicsezine says.

Black suit and shirt with bow

The perfect outfit to keep in your account, is composed of a pink silk shirt with the ever flake powder pink, a suitand black high shoes at your leisure.This style and this outfit will give you no doubt seriousness,elegance, there slancerà and will make you become perfect for many formal and informal occasions.

Black Pencil, shirt with bow and black décolleté

For a woman, can not not be a perfect outfit without a skirtsinuous longuette, a white satin shirt with bow and black neckline. The Pencil can be perfect both white and black, and must be worn with the shirt inside the skirt and a small little belt equal to the shoes. This outfit will make you look slender, elegant, curvy and sexy.

Boyfriend jeans, shirt and sneakers with bow

The last outfit recommended for all the sporting women who do not want to give up their femininity, can be formed by a white or pink shirt with a bow strictly cotton, a pair of jeans modern style “boyfriend” and of white leather sneakers sports and casual.This outfit will make you look really nice, original and above all very informal and youthful.