5 Best Products for Faking Perfect Eye Brows

As you may have noticed already, I’m in love with thicker eyebrows and I have always drawn them.
I always did mine with Aziz (in Shopping Rio Branco, in Vitória) and it is just perfect! I have worked with her for over 5 years and I have no complaints! However, for some time here, I haven’t been able to juggle my schedule with hers, because her shop caters only to 2nd and 6th for my schedule of a escrava Isaura and, as this year we have election, is impossible for me to put a hand in the cookie jar.
As I don’t trust anyone else to move at Caterpillar, I have just myself taking some hairs from time to time, i.e. I messed up!
So, I’m going to show you the masterpiece of time, which is saving my life, camouflaging the 1001 failures of my eyebrow!
The packaging of this kit is all vintage, cute. It was love at first sight and, despite being of cardboard, is very sturdy and easy to handle.
The palette is composed of two Brown shadows (a lighter and a darker), an illuminator lovely enough to be living for, shaping wax (for the shape), a Brown pencil, a brush(beveled on one side and the other sponge), tweezers and a mirror.
Another nice thing is that below the mirror, there is a mini “tutorial” super didactic explaining how to use each item from ask4beauty.com.
Did you see?? That is a lot easier.
As I mentioned, the Kit comes with a clamp to the rescue at the most fearful. Unfortunately, the Tong is not a Tweezerman , but to take a Casey or another fulfills its role. Think of it as an emergency item you know? It’s in the bag, so there is a need can use, and it’s exceptional, but I do not recommend to do the housecleaning on Caterpillar’s as a wingman!
The pencil is already known and Universal Darling Vult, in a mini version. As the name implies, it provides a natural and discreet appearance on any skin tone, the more white to black, so if you’re more brunette or like an eyebrow thing like me, you have to press a little bit more pencil or spend a couple of times to bring out! I use the pencil to make the outline of my eyebrow and then I will fill in the drawing with the shadow.
The two shadows are Browns and well pigmented. A simple flick of light already is more than enough to give that tchan when drawing.
Despite having only two tones, I believe that they adapt well to any skin tone. In my case, I use the clearest at the beginning of the eyebrow and, to fill in some gaps and finalize the tip of the drawing, use the darker that’s pretty powerful.
The cerinha styling gives a good “seated” in the. It is used as a fixative after we draw and paint the eyebrow and serves to prevent the wires out of the place. The coolest thing is that it’s very dry and leaves that look like wet transparent mascara usually leave.
Lastly but not least, there’s this amazing shimmery shadow. It is meant to be used under the eyebrow design to give that illuminated anything basic on look. It is well pigmented and has a gorgeous glows, you should use used with day care not to be shining too!
As for the applicator, I found cute and chubby enough that just making the correct application of the product. As I’m a very practical person and wasn’t using the same brush, I decided to take my chances and “shaping” the brush to my taste. I ended up cutting it diagonally (with scissors), which is my favorite model to get your eyebrows, and it was perfect! It may even have retired the old ones that I had at home, because it was much better and more accurate! I took a picture of my brush cut and my mother one piece for you to compare:
You can see the difference right?! In this form he looks perfect to apply and spread the shadow on the eyebrow with more precision.
And then girls …. What do you think of this kit?
I’ve always been in love with the duo Contains 1 g (66,00), but I found this much more complete (just missed a little brush to comb the eyebrows) and the price is much more attractive. Bought in São Paulo, in Freedom, but I’ve seen selling in pharmacies around R$ 32.90.
And the coolest thing is that by being a comprehensive Kit, it can still save us in moments of despair, as well as using it in the eyebrows, with a little creativity you can make a makeup beautiful, for both day and night.
Do you like the tip? Do you already know how to draw thick eyebrows?
I want to know what you think.