47 Things That I Would like to Do Once in Life (Or Recommend to My Kids)

A fleeting moment. One moment after another. The so famous “carpe diem”. And if you also have become the firm intention to drink the glass of life in one gulp and not let not drop, there are certain experiences that add up to more than others, Although some seem a little thing. I’ve made a list of all the things that I do to make my life more full, more amazing, more exciting. A list of everything I want to do (and everything I would like that my children were not lost).

1 swim in one infinity pool.

2 discover my own country.

3. bathe naked in the sea.

4 sleeping under the stars (and learn their names).

5 forget mobile during a complete holiday.

6. eat me the best ham of jabugo to find. Or the best caviar that can pay.

7.-I shoot a good photographer.

8.- Travel Europe with a handful of good friends.

9. give my time to others.

10.- Donate blood.

11 dance “all night long”.

12.- Kiss without thinking the consequences or the morning.

13 climbing to the top floor of the Eiffel Tower.

14 and the highest mountain which I dare.

15 pay a round in a bar.

16.- Be the host the party of my dreams.

17 go to a blind date.

18. send a postcard to someone who would never expect it

19 visit an island of white sands and turquoise waters.

20 became part of a band.

21 milking a cow.

22.- Ask for a raise.

23 listen to everything you have to tell someone with over eighty years.

24 to hear everything you have to tell someone with less than six years.

25.- At least three months living abroad.

26 stay in a hotel of five-star (and ask room service).

27 a night in a tent and telling stories of fear around a fire.

28 part of a flashmob.

29.- Throw me from a trampoline.

30 riding in a convertible (or a Harley Davidson).

31 have an massage.

32.- Learn the sign language.

33.- Traveling without plans, nothing quiet or almost luggage.

34 meet one of my idols and tell you how much I admire you.

35 know rough-hew.

36 a night without a wink because of a book.

37 play in a Casino (P.S.: best if it is in Las Vegas).

38. be extra in a movie.

39.- Travel in first class.

40 grow my own tomatoes (or, lettuce or lemons, etc.).

41 participate in a contest.

42 go to a classical music concert. Or to the Opera.

43 become a in an expert on “something”.

44.- Make a madness with my hair.

45.- Discover every month new flavors.

46 mounted in globe (although only to say that I’ve ridden in globo).

47 very slowly walk in the rain.

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