33 Life Hacks that Make Life Easier

There are tips that will make our life easier, more comfortable and more beautiful. these tricks is called life hacks. we should remember these 33 life hacks.

A small vase can very quickly be tinker from a balloon and a glass of water. How blogger Camilla shows on family chic.
The kitchen is small and is too little space in the cabinets. Small shelves help better manage the storage space in the closet – without doing a leaning tower of plates and having to stack cups.
We have not always a plastic can, if we’re traveling and spontaneously want to take food. It is a paper plate then also. Just after manual bend and secure it with a Ribbon or tape.
LEGO is to play there – and used to bring the little men in the places, where they can make our life easier. With her small hands hold such as cable.
Vitamins are important. And with this trick we peel oranges now even faster. Thus there is also no reason not to eat the Orange.
From a magazine collector made of wood, a small corner shelf is in the blink of an eye. This is perfect for a small Hall!
The earring is rolled under the sofa and we can’t find him again.There’s a solution: we put a women’s sock over the end of the vacuum cleaner, fix it and go on search – if the earring is truly under the couch, he is sucked in by the vacuum cleaner without to be sucked.
An Eierschneider can be wonderfully misuse themselves, E.g. to strawberries to to break up.
The travel lock slips and is open to the fly – embarrassing! A key ring a little help can be but tinker, with which we can moor the upper end of travel on the button.
Large sink can be sometimes too great for small children. The indoor faucet can be extended with a shampoo or shower gel bottle and children must bow not so far above the basin, to the I to wash their hands.
A simple coat hangers and rings for a shower curtain, you can craft a holder for caps or scarves.
Dress holders made of wire we bend and make shoe holder, flip-flops to hang it.
Before we return empty cans to the mortgage, we take off even the opener. We can use that to secure a second to a coat hanger. So we can hang things that belong together, also together in the closet.
In the winter, the dirt and mud must remain outside. For this, we use as a baking and throw stones. The shoes do we then top and let dry – instead of wet, pollute to Paxson shoes through the apartment.
Keys has an end. A key holder can tinker from LEGO. A Legoboard comes to the wall and a LEGO on the key ring. You can then make the on the Board.
A lot of space is lost in disorganized closets and chests of drawers. If we really fold our T-Shirts, we save a lot of space – and need less time in the morning to find the right shirt. Long live the order!
A wine rack brand equity building: prevent the screws that bottles of wine to the front slip and fall.
Fitted sheets can be folded do not like. We at least always have assumed that. But they can be easily and neatly folded – with this trick and take up less space in the closet.
New life for an old tennis ball: this small “Butler” holds a lot of (off).
Jewelry lot is too beautiful, to banish him in a box. This jewelry holder costs little and is cute for our jewelry.
In small corridors, we need save ideas and solutions, the place and still take care of order. Easy (and cheap) Shoe cabinets on the wall were brought here. A simple wooden plank above the cabinets evaluates the cabinets made of plastic and offers a practical storage space.
In small bathrooms, one must use every corner. Things not so often needed, E.g. on a shelf you can drop that to install the ceiling. Haarklemen can keep up on a magnetic stripe.
Nice idea for on the move: from a wrapper, a hair clip dispenser tinker.
A plastic bag dispenser is in the blink of an eye to the holder for wrapping paper.
The inside of the cabinet doors can be used as storage space. We make a storage for parchment paper, aluminum and plastic wrap from a magazine holder.
The corners are quick to set full with shampoo and shower gel in the shower (or bath) and always what is falling down. Remedy the baskets it hangs with butcher hook on a pole.
Who has a magnetic refrigerator, can fill his spices in small doses and store them with a magnetic lid in the refrigerator.
Plastic bags can be wonderful or to separate shoes on trips in the case of other clothes as recycle waste bags. But if a couple bags have accumulated, chaos reigns. With this simple trick, the chaos is over.
With a few rings, some duct tape (or bands), a scarf holder is handy trainings camp from a simple coat hangers.
In a hanging storage can accommodate clothing or also: Board Games.
A trouser press is storage for loops and other equipment to do it yourself.
From a shoe storage is a new home for cleaning products.
The bibs are also there where we need it, we stick a hook on the back of the high chair-and hang off the bib.