3 Weeks of Pregnancy

Congratulations you’re pregnant and your baby started his long journey toward life, although when completing three weeks of pregnancy is hardly the size of a pinhead.!

The implementation

After fertilization, the process of cell division begins, and the fertilized egg becomes Zygote then morula and blastocyst, as it grows the number of cells. These are scientific terms, but after all, it’s your baby. Through the fallopian tubes continues for a couple of days more, until it descends into the uterus.
The next step is implementation. Upon reaching the uterus, the blastocyst find a point to adhere to the endometrium (that layer of nutrient lining the inside of your uterus). Once this deployment occurs, start the exchange of hormones. Endometrial and cervical cap will thicken to protect your little, who is now officially an embryo.
At this point in adhesion clinches your placenta, responsible for nurturing a baby, provide oxygen and remove waste.

Symptoms of pregnancy

Towards the end of your third week of pregnancy, during the implementation process, you can have a slight vaginal bleeding. It differs from your menstrual period because they are usually only a few drops of light pink or light brown color. One greater flow could be your menstrual period, or an alert signal if you’ve already confirmed your pregnancy (inquiry immediately to your doctor if this is your case).
It is still early and perhaps do not have clear signs yet, but you can identify some of the first symptoms of pregnancy (before that menstruation is missing you), such as the increase in your basal temperature, tiredness and changes in the appearance and sensitivity of your breasts.
If the anxiety you win and take a home pregnancy test, don’t worry if you have a result negative, as it is still too early to get an accurate result (I recommend that you read When do pregnancy test?.