3 Things I Considered when Buying the Gear S2

The diversity of smartwatches is increasing significantly in Brazil. Now, only at the beginning of 2016, Brazilian users already have two new smart watch models on the market, the 360 Sport Bike, Motorola, and Samsung’s S2 Gear. We had the opportunity to test both watches and in this article you can see the 3 main differences that make Gear S2 Sport the best choice.

1-the Samsung is costing less than the Motorola

In the universe of smartphones Samsung models are more expensive than the Bike line, in the world of smart watches the situation changes a bit. Both manufacturers have launched versions of their smartwatches for the public to play sports and included apps that track distance, weight and physical activities of users.
So, basically the Gear functions S2 are the same as for 360 Sport Bike, how to set up a diary of their activities and synchronize them with your smartphone, for example.
With that in mind, a very important point for the choice of a new intelligent clock is the price. We all know that the smartwatches still do not offer an interesting cost/benefit ratio for users, however, the S2 Sport Gear can a certain advantage in comparison as price of the 360 Sport Bike.
Samsung’s model was announced in Brazil for three months for R $1,899.00. However, the launch price was changed in several shops and the South Korean clock can now be found by approximately R $1,700.00. The 360 Sport Bike, for your time, costing R $1,999.00 was launched and is available only in the Motorola Web site at this moment.

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It is worth remembering that the first generation of Bike 360 was released by $799.00, which was considered by many a high value for the time of your release-mid-2014. Currently, the model is sold at double the value of your predecessor and, moreover, costs nearly 300 reais more than the current promotional Gear price S2.

2-Samsung develops the software home

Unlike the 360 Sport Bike, the Gear wheel S2 with the operating system Citizen. We can say that the OS from Samsung is more polished than the Android Wear, Google, which is present in Motorola smart clock. The South Korean company made several modifications to the software to make it more usual and integrated with hardware.
After all, this is one of the advantages of software development at home: the manufacturer has total control over the software and the hardware, making the integration between both more interesting. This made the content, for example, be adapted to circular screen and that there is an integration between apps and the upper Crown involves the smartwatch clock-that is.
In addition, the Citizen is more intuitive and has several applications pre-installed from the factory, that end up contributing to a more productive routine with the Gear S2. Tizen apps store is equivalent to Google Play, offering options of displays to the screen, health applications, customization apps and some utilities.

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Android Wear is also an excellent system, however, the great advantage offered by Motorola is the Bike Body application, since all the OS interface is standardized for any smartwatch clock model.
Of course, the Android compatibility Wear is greater, reaching both for Android devices and the iOS, Apple. However, the S2 is also compatible with a huge range of devices, including Android, Samsung can expand your compatibility with new models at any time. See the list of devices compatible with the Gear S2.

3-the NFC will make the difference in a few months

The NFC might be little remembered or useful for most users, however, it is fundamental to the functioning of some services of mobile payments, as the Samsung Pay. So, with the arrival of the South Korean manufacturer payments service to the country, the Gear S2 will be one of the devices compatible with the system.
Samsung’s service can be something restricted according to some users, however, a smartwatch clock nearly 2000 dollars, it is important that this is compatible with the news that will be released on the market, right?

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Yet on the latest technologies, it must be said that the 360 Sport Bike has the Bluetooth 4.0, while the Gear wheel 4.1 Standard S2. The difference may seem minimal, but, since we’re talking about wearable technology, the latest Bluetooth standard provides its advantages.
4.1 Bluetooth comes to be inactive when the attachment is removed from the paired device, saving even more energy. Another advantage is that the 4.1 Bluetooth network data are stored for longer, causing the connection to be restored quickly when lost. This is another point for the Gear S2.

After all, why I would consider the Gear S2?

As I mention at the beginning of the article, there is a wide range of wearable devices in the Brazilian market. Therefore, we need to be attentive to the smallest details that involve these smart watches, especially those who are in your second generation, as in the case of these two smartwatches.
Apparently, both are the same: water resistant, have steps and are high-tech accessories that we would all like to bear. However, some technical differences can impact on battery life or daily income, since older sensors to little functional versions of applications.
Lifetime achievement, the Gear S2 does better: the system is more polished, the price is competitive and, soon, the device will be ready to make use of new technologies, such as mobile payment. The 360 Sport Bike is a great product, but is expensive and is technically limited.
And you have one of these two smartwatches? What feature you take into consideration when choosing a wearable device?