245 Rural Communities Will Soon Have Better Mobile Coverage

2,185 Danish households in areas with the worst cell coverage will soon get a long-awaited upgrade with new cell towers at 1,800 MHz frequency band.
You have likely even marked it on his own body. Coverage in the cottage are great irritation anything close to non-existent, but for many it is everyday-and it is fortunately soon ended.
The country’s absolute extreme areas with poor coverage gets as soon as new cell towers that will screw up for not only coverage but also the speed.
The Government and telecommunications conciliation circuit has now agreed to make a requirement for telecommunications organizations to cover 1 km² in 245 smaller areas the country around with frequency band at 1,800 MHz.

Via the connection from the upcoming cell towers can be installed mobile broadband in homes and businesses, from which it will be possible to achieve a download and upload speed of at least 30 and 3 Mbit/s, while there also will be guaranteed coverage to be able to speak.
Before the new cell towers can be erected, an auction on 1,800 MHz frequency band first implemented during the fall of 2016, as the Danish telecommunications companies can offer. Accordingly, the requirement to be met in December 2019, so you must continue to arm yourself with a little patience, if you right now are suffering from the worst cell coverage in Denmark.

See if your address gets better coverage

In the context of the forthcoming auction of 1,800 MHz frequency band is there in a hearing been advised what exact areas and addresses in Denmark, which will be enriched by a better coverage in the coming years.
In this map on Google Maps you can get a quick overview of where the various households are located. Would you rather in the form a a full list to see if your own address is subject to change, you can see such in this PDF-file.
Even if your household does not appear in the list, you can be lucky that your coverage yet be improved as a result of the new cell towers, which shall be drawn up. It is expected that the coverage in the surrounding areas also get a boost.