24 Tips For Resell Lingeries!

Hello readers of the Blog of Lingerie! Today our post gives tips on how to resell lingeries!

24 Tips For Resell Lingeries

  1. Have a good stock
    Invest in prompt delivery.Most people buy a product by pure momentum and doesn’t like to wait until it arrives, even a few days.Start your stock.
  2. Learn to interpret the body
    The body says no before the mouth.Watch the body language: If the client breaks the conversation, cross your arms or not look me in the eyes, she’s not interested in your offer.
  3. Meet the tastes of the client
    Make a record with name, address, telephone number, and information about the tastes of the client, such as favorite color, mannequin or skin type.Send birthday cards and call to offer replacements before the finish products.

    4. Offer a cheaper product
    Watch for your client’s money: when the Bill is high, offer a cheaper alternative.She will trust your honesty and will not be indecisive when you suggest the most expensive product catalog.
  4. Invent thematic baskets
    This is good for products that are stuck or offline: join several of them in a basket and create a name for the kit.A set of panties, bras and other erotic parts can be called Seven Sins;a selection of soaps, bath salts and turn the bushing kit Spa home. Let the imagination and create glamorous names.
  5. Paste labels on products
    Put a tag with your phone, so that the clients can connect.
  6. Swap tips on the internet
    Join pages and groups on Facebookand Whatsapp to meet other resellers and also potential customers. To find the groups, search usvsukenglish for keywords such as “dealer”, “lingerie” and “reviewing”.
  7. Among the companies
    What are the largest companies in your city?Contact the Guild or the representative of the human resources (HR) to present its products to employees at lunch time.Don’t forget to leave a toast in HR.
  8. Invest in the halls
    Let catalogs with hairdressers and Manicurists – and don’t forget to please them with gifts.
  9. Have a hot space at home to receive customers.
  10. Use the lingerie that you sell.It passes confidence.

    12. Low price attracts the customer good service hold: be attentive, polite and punctual.

    13. Explain how the product should be used and stored.
  11. Notify all customers via email of promotions you do.
  12. Work with the known brands, especially when you are starting.

    16. Make bingos or raffles with stranded products.
  13. Instead of spending the day visiting ten customers, make ten customers call you: advertise your phone always.

    18. Do not attempt to turn client’s friend.Does not work.
  14. Profit from discounts;stock the product when it’s on sale, even if you don’t have orders.
    The Renew, for example, costs R $50 and R $20 promotion. “I hope the promotion over and over by R $40. R $20 profit and still keep the customer happy. ”

    20. Women are jealous
    If a man wants a specific product, it’s not going to change your mind, even if you offer a similar. Women already want to have options. But don’t show more than three products, because they are undecided. And they like exclusive attention: do not answer several women at the same time.

    21. Make a signature
    In the emails that you answer, put a signature pattern with your full name, the name of the company you represent and a contact number.

    22. Help the client
    Don’t be defensive in case of complaints. If it is a defect in the product, provide close supervision until it has been changed. Show interest.

    23. Always be cheerful 
    Be prepared to receive a lot of hands, especially in the beginning. But to react the same way when you receive a sim: always cheerful and polite form.

    24. Be honest
    Just give your opinion when she is requested directly. If you find that the product was not good in client, try say that gentle way.