21 Weeks of Pregnancy

If half plus one is most, then, to reach the 21 weeks of pregnancy because you are in the final phase of your waiting. This week your baby continues to juggle in your womb thanks to his muscle development, and you can also have a taste of your meals through the amniotic fluid.

  • Your baby measures: 10.5 inches (a little more than 26 cm)
  • More or less than the height of: a box of cereal.
  • Weight: 13 oz (369 g), what weighs more or less a soccer ball.

Your baby

Did you already feel your baby’s movements? Pregnant women, especially mothers experienced, most manage to identify the subtle movements of her small at this point. At the beginning they are small flutters in your abdomen, something like gas or butterflies in the stomach, and increase in intensity as your baby grows (see instructions to feel your baby’s movements at 18 weeks of pregnancy).
If you don’t feel your baby move at the first attempt, be calm, maybe that you sleeping.
At its 21 weeks gestation, your little has a similar sleep cycle to the of a newborn, and can sleep between 12 and 14 hours a day.
The taste of your baby for food and the preference of flavors begins to form from the womb. Around 21 weeks of pregnancy, the taste buds of your baby start your development and your baby can prove everything that comes through the amniotic fluid which swallows. Therefore if you like spicy food, it is likely that your baby would prefer it also because it has already had a taste before he was born.
Other milestones in its development this week:

  • The marrow of your little is already formed and began to produce red blood cells.
  • His eyelids are well formed and remain closed.

Your body

Around these dates you can see one of those little attractive second-trimester pregnancy symptoms: stretch marks. It’s a color pink or purple scars (then changed to white or coffee) that appear as a result of a sudden stretch your skin. Most frequently appear in the abdomen, but you can also have them in the chest, hips, buttocks and back (because all your skin is stretched in a pregnancy).
You can moisturize your tummy with cream skin to prevent dryness and itching, but there is little you can do to avoid the appearance of stretch marks. More than half of pregnant women have them, thanks to a genetic factor: If your mother had them during pregnancy, it is likely that you are also going to have them. A sudden and excessive weight gain or obesity in pregnancy also make you more prone to stretch marks.
The fifth month of pregnancy is an ideal time to start thinking about taking childbirth classes. There are different philosophies and methods, from those who advocate a childbirth natural without intervention of third parties, to those who want to plan and take advantage of all available medical and pharmacological resources. The most suitable type depends on you. You can ask about prenatal courses in your locality in your doctor’s office or in the hospital. You can also take a look at these resources: