Comparative Rates Mobile Internet: Operators ‘Low Cost’

Comparative updated in this link.

If yesterday I talked about the rates of internet for navigate from a computer using mobile connections of traditional operators, we will now compare the rates of the operators “low cost” between those who are Yoigo with its own network and the OMV they used the network of one of the traditional operators. Continue reading Comparative Rates Mobile Internet: Operators ‘Low Cost’

Ask Manolo: Bathrobe?

Hi, I am the girlfriend thought I update my boyfriend’s wardrobe with a stylish dressing gown, so that he gets a reason to do away with its current, a horrendous history of fleece, at least two sizes too small. But, I’ve been looking around a bit, and not found anything cleanly, and of therefore I turn to Manolo for advice. What I’m looking for is a stylish dressing gown for around 1000 SEK, possibly slightly higher. Do you have tips on marks and/or stores in the Gothenburg area, both I and my boyfriend be your forever grateful! Sincerely Hanna Continue reading Ask Manolo: Bathrobe?

Leather Backpacks

Leather backpacks-how to use, where to buy, prices and tips of looks:

Casual fashion always relaunches styles that were used many years ago, but with a modern twist and super estíloso, which soon spreads through all corners. So many people dress casually, because the casual style exist in several versions, but they are usually simple, but mponentes and always harmonics. Colors that refer are very used to compose a casual fashion, for example: Brown and yellow, blue and purple, neutral with pastels, etc. Continue reading Leather Backpacks

Now Available for Customers Yoigo Movistar Coverage

In theory, the agreement months ago so that Telstra can also operate under cover 2G and 3G Movistar came into force the month of June, although today, many users already have available this option (imagine that in test mode).

Users wishing to do so, can now speak and surf the internet under the Movistar network although for now will have to do it by selecting manually network on their mobiles. Continue reading Now Available for Customers Yoigo Movistar Coverage

Sprinters Do Well At MTB Trail Outdoor Marathon in Americana

Tamara Pesoti And Antoniel Da Silva Are The Fastest In The Elite Pro Category

The first stage of the MTB Trail Outdoor Marathon took place on Sunday in the city of Americana, organized by kalangas Bikers, which favored the pilots who are more accustomed to boulders, since the 18 km course had climbs with little slope and rapid descents thanks to the terrain Firm, despite the accumulation of sand in several parts. Continue reading Sprinters Do Well At MTB Trail Outdoor Marathon in Americana

How to Make a Bow Tie

A little history…

The bow appears in the nineteenth century, derived from a necktie that was invented by Beau Brummell, famous English dandy early century. The tie is wrapped several times around his neck and tied not to the sides fall on the shirt. Rectangular, wide asymmetrical knot narrow chevron pattern, the node then appeared in all its forms and already had his worshipers.

Continue reading How to Make a Bow Tie

Fishing Equipment that Interfere with Success of the Fishery

Every activity has its secrets and its techniques. The professional must know to handle your equipment well and identify common problems in them, as well as learn to avoid them. So there is good fishing compete many factors, being that most of them can be controlled by the fisherman. Continue reading Fishing Equipment that Interfere with Success of the Fishery

Corset: Tips, How to Use

The corset is a piece that leaves any woman more sensual, because it lowers the waist, outlining the female body well. Originally, it was created to be an intimate piece, but as time went on, women began to dare and it is often left completely on display, mainly because it is a beautiful, elegant and sensual piece.So here are some tips on how to wear a corset. Continue reading Corset: Tips, How to Use

Know Which Stone Jewelery Combines with Your Personality

From ancient times to the present, no matter how many years have passed, the fascination of women by the jewelry remains intact. Can you imagine the Cleopatra of the history books without their rich adornments? Or an Oscar night without the brilliance of precious stones parade on the red carpet? In Brazil, we are in a privileged position: the country occupies a prominent position among the major Nations that extract the material. The Brazilian Institute of gems and precious metals (IBGM) estimates that more than 250 variations of gems can be found on domestic soil. Continue reading Know Which Stone Jewelery Combines with Your Personality

Review of Tent Takoma 2, NTK (Nautika)

Series Small Tents: we follow with the series of reviews about small tents, for one or two people. The goal is to assist adventurers in the choice of equipment according to your profile. We inform you about the features and functionality of each, differentiating tents tents techniques generalists, and we indicate the best options for treks, Wild camping or structured. The tent Takoma 2, new model of NTK (Nautika), is included in this group of tents. Continue reading Review of Tent Takoma 2, NTK (Nautika)