‘Destinia’, an RPG More Than Classic Retro Is

I am passionate about classic RPGs, and on Android I found a reef of these games. I’m jumping from one to another as I’m finishing them (if all goes well) or are tiring me (if the game turns out to be a disaster). For now, ‘Destinia’ fits into the first group.

As you can see in the above image, ‘Destinia’ not spin nor much less the power of the new Tegra processors. Not at all. Sprites of low resolution, 16-bit, which sometimes seem even less. But that is the least, the important thing is to take a dip in the spirit of the classic role-playing games. Continue reading ‘Destinia’, an RPG More Than Classic Retro Is

Casio G-Shock Gw-A1000-1aer Premium Funk+Solar Watch

The top model Gravity Defier GW-A1000-1AER from the Casio PREMIUM Collection was developed in close cooperation with  Royal Air Force pilots. In addition to the highest precision , radio and solar, this model also has a thermometer function (-10°C/+60°C ), Smart Access technology (details below),automatic pointer adjustment, and a unique design. The Casio G-Shock Premoum model is equipped with several motors:  hour, minute and second hands are controlled by different motors. Continue reading Casio G-Shock Gw-A1000-1aer Premium Funk+Solar Watch

Mac Mini Intel ATX (USB Hub)

It would be a shame to waste USB ports that mounts in the front case. We can “extend” two of the rear ports of the Mini, but I think most successful incorporate a USB Hub inside the box and connect the front ports there.
The chosen one is a USB 2.0 4-port hub, acquired in Carrefour for € 7.90. This hub does not incorporate transformer, but have power input extra. Ideal to feed from the ATX source. Continue reading Mac Mini Intel ATX (USB Hub)

How to Match a Black Bodice


The black bodice, is something that can never be lacking in the wardrobe of a woman. Sensual, elegant, seductive and chic, the bodice if well combined, become a leader truly unique and irresistible. If you have in the closet a black bodice for years and have never had occasion to wear it because you have no idea how to pair it, here are some ideas on how to create some really chic combinations, unique and extremely sexy. Continue reading How to Match a Black Bodice

Tiny Tower, One of The Games Most Downloaded IOS Comes to Android

One of the most popular games of iOS, Tiny Tower, game that has achieved in iOS several million downloads, reaching more than a few months to Androy Birds as iTunes most downloaded game, finally gets to reach Android, showing the interest and the need to not close to any mobile operating system and be in many more terminals best developers.

The game is the typical time management game, But unlike many of which we find in the Android Market or on pages such as Facebook and Google +, does not have social components that many may find it annoying and sometimes a nuisance which brings into play the patience of other people. The game needs Internet access, but only to check the time, that if we do modifications exaggerated in the terminal clock will if we set the time we have to do a long wait to continue taking advantage of the game. Continue reading Tiny Tower, One of The Games Most Downloaded IOS Comes to Android

The Best Watches

The White pain “Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe” is inspired by the first model from the 1950s.

Diving as a sport is becoming increasingly popular. The mixture of concentration, fitness and adrenaline in conjunction with the breathtaking insights into the underwater world, makes the sport a unique experience. The matching watches provide the luxury brands. But has to actually meet a diver’s watch which requirements? Continue reading The Best Watches

How to Compress a Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags have been around since man began to explore and travel the world, but while our ancestors were forced to carry blankets and cushions bulky and heavy, we have been blessed with convenient, compressible sleeping bags. Modern sleeping bags are made of lightweight, compressible and abrasion-resistant nylon and are specifically designed to be packaged in compact tubes. As in the vacuum, a sleeping bag compression packaging removes air, which eliminates unnecessary volume. When you are hiking or travel, it is important to minimize the space of their belongings they occupy; This can be done by the compression of a sleeping bag. Continue reading How to Compress a Sleeping Bag

Ankle String Bracelets

Ankle chain, a sensuous gem

For some, the chain or the ankle bracelet is a gem that women wear as a sign of invitation to the opposite sex. For others, this gem is used to mark his homosexuality. But all of these meanings are unfounded. If one refers to the African traditions or Indian still preserved to this day in some regions as in Senegal, wearing an ankle chain is indeed considered a weapon of seduction. Continue reading Ankle String Bracelets

Rovio Releases a New Update for Angry Birds Seasons: Ham ‘Or’ Ween

This week we saw how Rovio, makers of Angry Birds, launched a teaser for ahead of the latest update of Angry Birds Seasons set on Halloween. Not bad, the wait has already come to an end and the most loved angry birds back with interesting news.

On the one hand, and as it has become the custom in these updates, we have new levels set in the aesthetics of Haloween. In total, 30 levels new where we put an end to all the pigs truths, mechanics well known already by the fans of the saga. Continue reading Rovio Releases a New Update for Angry Birds Seasons: Ham ‘Or’ Ween