The Photo Quality of Mobile Phones Is So Good

It sounds like reverse world: like the Sony cameras Cyber-shot hot phones from Sony Ericsson. The Carl Zeiss lens manufacturer’s name emblazoned recently often on Nokia phones. And for the manufacturer LG, one of his mobile phones first and foremost is a 5-megapixel camera and a digital video camcorder. As quickly becomes clear: the mobile phone manufacturers want to compete for the buyer Canon, Nikon, Olympus and co. free according to the motto: what a digital camera when the full-fledged camera is already on the phone? But can actually match the photo cell phones with digital cameras?

COMPUTER image is s verified
Camera phones already as good as digital cameras are?
good camera phones are now as good as digital cameras of the price range from 100 to 200 euro. You can easily replace the inexpensive

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TomTom One Xl

Car, unlike the little brother of TomTom one: the one XL is really extra large. The screen size is 3.5 inch 4.3 inch (10.9 cm) 16:9-widescreen grew. This creates more overview in the map display. The image appears bright and is also good sunny environment readable.   the compact device is similar to a PDA in the form of construction and lies well in the hand. The one XL is so flat (2.7 cm at the thickest point) and easily (208 grams), that’s easily disappears into the Pocket. A pity that TomTom has put in a transport bag, so is susceptible to scratches of touch screen. A matching bag must be purchased for about 25 euros. launch  pressing the button on the top of the device, the one XL starts in a few seconds. During the first boot process language and time format are entered, then it can go immediately. After about 30 seconds, enough satellite data are collected to determine the current position within a space. A GPS chip of manufacturer is used global locate.

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The Mobile Controller Can

WINNER was the MD 96190 by Medion. It is the best all-in-one device, currently being sold: it convinces by very few navigation errors, clear presentation, ease of use and a rich set of functions. Not less important: The Europe card includes 39 countries. More currently, no competitor offers. And: Medion is the first manufacturer offering the paid traffic jam warning service TMC Pro FM no annual subscription charge in a Navi.
The Tops and flops in the overview

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Phone For Free

You have already a cheap phone plan or use savings codes? And anyway resent is still via your telephone bill? The good news: It’s still cheaper than cheap and free of charge! COMPUTER image explains, which offers for free phone calls there are and how they work.
What do I need for free phone calls?
a PC with Internet connection. Everything else depends on the offer:

Normal phone calls: while offerings such a Our site you will need only your phone and any Internet connection, some via modem.

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Targa Traveller 1577 X 2


1577 X 2 an AMD Turion processor inside the Targa traveller 64 X 2 mobile TL-52 (two processor cores, 1.6 GHz clock frequency). Thus the notebook managed a very high pace of work (Note: 1.17).

The graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce Go) had 256 MB own memory and calculated the average 33 frames per second. Thus, it can be already properly played. She is too slow for action games with graphically rich 3-D scenes: the games easily ruckelten.

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Nokia 6300

Nokia’s first mobile phone with extra thin design can take a look: the front in fashionable black and silver offers plenty of space for the large, bright color display. Whether agree the inner values of the pretty novice, has COMPUTER screen tested.   handy and easy to use  just the 6300 is 14 mm thick a so flat mobile phone was Nokia so far have not been. Despite its slim dimensions, the unit lies in the hand very comfortably. Also the ease comes not too short: all menu icons on the bright color display are good  readable. The buttons are large enough and responded precisely to inputs in the test.

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Sony Ericsson W880i

Now enters also Sony Ericsson in the market of the extra slim phones. The W880i is as slim as the Nokia 6300, Motorola Motofone F3, or Samsung SGH-Z370 with his 10 millimeters. The equipment is really lush: UMTS, megapixel camera, music player and 1 GB memory card about it. If the Walkman phone despite his lean mass brings rich services, clarifies the test.   plump equipment, sound processing  although the main focus clearly on the music feature, Sony Ericsson has donated the W880i abundant extras. So is the

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Medion MD 98100


MD 98100 is the core duo T2050 processor by Intel: he makes with his two computing cores (dual core) for a very fast pace when working. S was a very good score (1.24). The graphics card (ATI Mobility Radeon X 1350) calculated on average 28 pictures per second. Thus, it can be already properly played. For graphically complex 3-D action games she is but too slow: the games ruckelten easy.

Data Storage
The Aldi notebook is well stocked with space: the memory contains 1 gigabyte, hard disk offers 149 gigabyte more capacity are s on

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DH Fritz FON 7150

Voice quality

The quality of phone calls over the Internet was decent, while at the same time data is transferred. The testers sent large amounts of data from the PC to the Internet, however, during a conversation (upload), disrupted long insulators so solid, that talks were no longer possible. The experts, however, noted only slight disturbances during a data transfer from the Internet to your computer (download). However, phone calls were possible in ordinary language quality. In a noisy environment that had Fritz FON minor problems: at the interlocutor, the disturbing noise arrived barely filtered.

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Targa Traveller 1720 ML42

The conversion of video files to other formats worked in satisfying pace. dual-core notebooks (two processor cores in a single chip) work somewhat faster, cost comparable facilities more but around 200 euros. The traveller is less suitable for graphics-intensive games. Reason: The graphics processor has no own store and need to borrow therefore 128 megabytes of memory. On average, the graphics chip calculated only 11 frames per second. Action games with 3-D graphics ruckelten strong.

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Medion MD 98200


In the MD, 98200 is the core duo T2300 processor (clock frequency: 1.66 GHz) Intel. He provided for a very high speed when working with his two processor cores (Note: 1.18) and would land even in 2nd place in the 1000 Euro class!

The graphics chip has no own memory, but uses the memory of the notebook (shared memory). He calculated the average only ten frames per second, action games ruckelten with complex 3-D graphics therefore greatly. A liquid representation requires approximately 45 frames per second.

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MSI Megabook M677

Speed In the MSI Megabook M677 is a dual-core processor of type AMD Turion 64 X 2 1.6 gigahertz clock rate. Thus achieved a very good the device at the working speed. The graphics chip calculated 30 frames per second on average. Many action games run so smoothly. data storage as with all test candidates are in the MSI notebook 1024 megabytes installed memory. The hard disk provides pretty much space with 112 gigabytes. The DVD burner got along with all types of blank and described the silver discs in proper quality.

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Medion MD 96116

Speed In the MD 96116 put the latest Intel processor model: the core 2 Duo T5200 ensured a very high pace of work. S was a 1.00. The graphics card calculated average 39 FPS many action games run so smoothly. Thanks to 1 gigabyte memory are also memory-hungry programs flott. data storage the hard drive gave much space: 149 gigabyte. More I can’t (yet), because larger plates are indeed announced but not yet available. The DVD writer described all common CD and DVD modes. Almost perfectly worked the burner while reading. He could always correct errors on DVDs. CD error correction offset 95 percent of all errors.

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T-Mobile Sidekick 3

The Sidekick 3, but is also fit for the pleasure in the spare time. So are the camera, music player and a game on board. But its real strengths are E-Mail, chat (chat) and Internet.

Emails as fast as SMS
Who sent many emails and especially receives, takes a good partner in the Sidekick 3. New emails not only independently reached the Pocket PC phone as an SMS (push function) who understands

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Samsung R40 T2250 Masuo


A Modern processor inside the Masuo (Intel Core Duo), with two processor cores (dual core) made for a very fast pace when working. Thanks to one gigabyte of memory, memory-eating programs, for example, for image processing, ran really fast. For graphically complex games the Masuo not lend itself against: the graphics processor was too slow, he calculated the average only 16 frames per second.

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Medion MD 98000

With the working speed s gave a very well. Thanks to 1 gigabyte memory, also programs with large footprints ran pretty fast, about image editing programs. The MD 98000 suited also to play: the graphics processor calculated an average 33 frames per second for notebooks an attractive value. Graphically very complex 3-D action games were running but not always completely smoothly.

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Medion MD 97900

Speed a version of the Turion 64 inside the Medion notebook processor from AMD. That caused tidy steam under the hood: for the working speed, there was a very good. Thanks to one gigabyte of memory also programs with high memory demand ran really fast, about image editing software. sadly computed the GPU only 20 fps too little for graphically very complex 3-D games. The DVD burner worked with right pace: so he burned a write-once DVD + R in 11 minutes.

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Hp Compaq Nx7400


With its processor Intel Celeron M 430, the HP Compaq nx7400 reached a good grade at the pace of the work. Unlike s looked at the speed of the game: the graphic chip calculated an average eleven frames per second. For graphically elaborate action games that is too little.
512 megabytes RAM are common for a notebook of this price class. The hard drive with 75 gigabyte offered enough disk space. As the

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Go Wireless Phone


Hard to believe about 290000 motorists were alone in 2005 despite a ban on the phone in the car with the phone in his hand. That makes a smooth doubling of the telephone sinner in comparison to the previous year. The underreporting of the incorrigible is estimated to still significantly higher from the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA). There are solutions that make not only legal, but also more comfortable and of course secure the phone in the car for every

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Fujitsu Siemens Amilo PA 1510

Speed  the Fujitsu-Siemens notebook with its processor AMD mobile Sempron 3200 + fell at the pace slightly behind the leading group. Still, it was enough in this test point loose for a well. In games, the graphics chip in an average calculated 14 frames per second. While this is fairly decent for a low-cost notebook was not enough but for a liquid display of graphically elaborate action games.

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Lenovo 3000 C100


at work rate the Lenovo 3000 C100 reached a good grade. Bad for players: the graphics processor managed to average only eight frames per second.

Data Storage
with 512 megabytes RAM and 75 gigabytes hard drive capacity for the 700-Euro price range usual storage space offered the Lenovo device. The burner showed good performances: he described CDs and DVDs pretty quickly, reached a high burn quality and coped with all kinds of media.

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