How to Match a Silk Shirt


Fashion has its own rules, you know, and it’s not always easy to observe them all. The error into which many of us fall is that of the combination of the various garments. It must therefore take into account the shades of colors, fabrics, lengths. If then it is quite exquisite dresses and challenging the situation is complicated. This is the case of silk, a fabric with no doubt very stylish, suitable to particular contexts and opportunities. A chief certainly reputed by women and impressive refinement is the silk shirt. But was unable to figure out how to wear it it is not simple. In this guide, then we will give you some tips on how to match a silk shirt. Continue reading How to Match a Silk Shirt

Twitter Announces Official Tool for Analyzing Tweets

The tool analyzes current business can specify how much traffic Twitter brought to pages, but most do not do it very precisely and detailed. Today Twitter has finally announced their official tool for business analysis, called Twitter Web Analytics, which should give further information to site owners who use Twitter as traffic source (as we here at TB).

The tool will show you not only how many people clicked on links posted by a certain Twitter profile but will also quantify the retweets and measure the effectiveness of the Tweet Button, among other things. In the image shown as an example, statistics were used American blog TechCrunch and according to it, will be offered three data display options: the present day, over 7 days or over a month.

This tool was already in development for some time and came from the purchase of BackType company, specializing in link analysis on Twitter, which took place in July. According to its creator, Christopher Golda, Twitter Web Analytics will be released to a small portion of users now but will be available to more sites over the next few weeks. an API with him will also be released for other services provided by the pull information tool.


Must Have Leather Jackets

They’re back and although stylish, colorful and diverse than ever before! Leather jackets will conquer this summer the wardrobes of fashion-conscious young women by storm. No matter how full the cabinet is one to two chic leather jackets should definitely find their place in it. The new models are more than exciting. Not only has long been modern, black biker leather jackets remain absolutely trendy, new varied models conquer shopping hungry women’s hearts.

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Furla Candy Bag Reviews

Furla there this summer chewy and colorful, a style that makes you want to dive into the sea, to spend days on the beach and going to parties Hawaiian unlikely to drink cocktails with little umbrellas! Furla amazes me more every day, the new collection is colorful and cheerful, one lively and casual style that I love, then this capsule collection all rubber and bright colors is absolutely irresistible. I, for one, I fell in love madly in the bag with the Passion , but also the one with the ‘orchid is absolutely wonderful. Continue reading Furla Candy Bag Reviews

Simple Tweet Deleted Can Cause Problems for US Lawmakers

It is under discussion in the United States the reaction of many members of Congress candidate’s decision for president Mitt Romney indicate Paul Ryan, another politician there, as vice president if elected. It turns out that the congressmen used their profiles on Twitter for comment, both for and against. Once out. US law prohibits these people express political opinions in what has been called “official profile”. Continue reading Simple Tweet Deleted Can Cause Problems for US Lawmakers

American Netflix Will Rent Games for Xbox, PS3 and Wii

Take your own mistakes usually complicated. Especially when you’re in front of a leading company in the markets where it operates. Still, Mr. Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of Netflix, was not ashamed or shy to record a video in which assumes: did shit to announce new separate plans for DVD rentals and streaming for large network.

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How to Combine Leggings

Cosy, sporty or stylish: combinations of fashionable Glenzleggings

Those who thought that the times of the leggings are long gone, which is wrong. Leggings can be seen today almost more often than in the 80s – and they are very modern. Especially shiny leggings can be combined together with other clothing to stylish outfits.

What look I want to achieve?

When combining it depends on what effect you want to achieve. With leather jacketand high heels that will outfit rock, with a soft cuddly sweater or a softly falling topcoat of the result cuddly and playful from.

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Christmas Accessories: Hats, Scarves and Gloves

Christmas, it is useless to deny it, is a holiday that involves all 360 ° and it is very hard to ignore even for those claims to be absolutely against Christmas. For those who love to distraction and even for those who just loves a little bit there, however, small accessories that can make it a little ‘more Christmas this period before the holidays without making us look like a decorated! tree is small, but significant fashion accessories that, if chosen in gold, red or green, also can be used throughout the ‘year, but if chosen with decorations, Christmas designs and more applications will make these weeks advent and your rich look of Christmas spirit!

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Gym Sports Bras

You come to the gym and start switching on, when you suddenly find that the sports bra is left at home. Does it matter?

Are you among those who think that a tank top with a built-in support is enough to protect your breasts during an intense workout, think again. Forgot your sports bra at home and working out into your regular bra or only linen should stick to low-intensity exercise without hope and bouncing movements.

If your breasts do not get the right support during high-intensity workouts with fast movement, you can suffer from back pain and discomfort. It can also lead to tissue damage, so that the breasts to sag and get stretch marks. Does not it tempting? No, we do not either.

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Rumor of the Day: Facebook Will Use Skype for Video Conferencing Technology

Apparently users Google+ should not find such “incredible news” that Mark Zuckerberg promised for next week so new or so incredible. According to rumors raised by the site Mashable , in the coming days the social network is expected toannounce a new conversation video system operating under the technology Skype(which, incidentally, remember, was recently acquired by Microsoft ).

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These Are the Bikini Trends 2016

Summer, sun and bikinis. What models are you this year the trend, look here. Warning, there is failure!

Slowly but surely the time has come: Summer is approaching and with it the latest bikini trends. Featured are especially exceptional models, but also for minimalist Badenixen the right thing is.

Halter: Athletic in water

Change from the typical triangle bikini complacent? Then the halterneck version is just right. Instead Cleavage here comes the sporty side of the open because even with monster waves or the jump from the six-yard tower slips nothing.

Crochet Bikini: Hippie Feeling on the beach

Less athletic, all the more stylish it comes to the trendy crochet bikinis. The Hollywood stars love the swimwear in DIY look already. In summer, the two pieces will also help us to It-part. Especially at festivals – finally there is so hippie feeling!

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Calzedonia Swimwear White

The collection of swimwear Calzedonia for the ‘Summer 2015 is one of the most vibrant and cheeky of the season, a rich line of bold creations ready to launch must have really interesting for the hot season. The brand has presented during his last show a full line of daring bikini, uni models combined and printed with alternating one-piece swimsuits and trikini equally seductive.

Collections such as swimsuits Goldenpoint for the summer 2015 have re-launched the trend of models with bright patterns, floral, tropical, abstract and lines that make their appearance along the surface of the chic new Calzedonia signed. Continue reading Calzedonia Swimwear White

Use IE Web is Below 50% for the First Time

The Internet Explorer has the largest share of the browser market for a long time. He is still dominating so far, for the sake of truth, as well as Windows dominates much of the participation in the operating systems market. But last month, the first time in years, the users known index of Microsoft’s browser has fallen below 50%, showing that your competition is reaching out to conquer more and more space. Continue reading Use IE Web is Below 50% for the First Time

Rafinha Bastos, the Most Influential in the World of Twitter

The tinker and actress Rafinha Bastos is the most influential person on Twitter in the world. The phrase seems strange to him? Because you should know that the credential of “actress” is given by the comedian himself on his page on the microblogging. And who says that Rafinha is the all-powerful Twitter is the newspaper New York Times. Continue reading Rafinha Bastos, the Most Influential in the World of Twitter

How to Treat a Silk Blouse


There are some heads of very beautiful dress is to be seen what to wear. One much loved by women in particular (but not only), is the silk shirt, light shines with sparkling colors or just white. But this head besides being beautiful, is also very delicate especially as regards the washing. Usually silk garments are brought to the laundry but you know that you can wash your precious blouse at home? Using fact, the small but necessary steps, your loved garment once washed, will be bright and shiny, just only ensure that it can be treated with water and do not need a dry cleaning. In this guide you will find all necessary advice to properly treat your silk blouse. Continue reading How to Treat a Silk Blouse

What Match a Red Dress


Red, always it has been considered the glamor color par excellence. From the red carpet to the glossy magazines, we can see that the red is the master because it is a color with a strong emotional charge and dense with meaning; in fact, it has always been a symbol of elegance and style, but also boldness, passion and determination. It’s a color that goes great with any kind of complexion and gives typical allure of those who wants to get noticed and make their mark. That’s why with this guide, I will reveal what to match a red dress to be special for any occasion and feel real princesses. Continue reading What Match a Red Dress

How to Dress for a Night Out?

Tonight you are invited to a chic evening, and you do not know what clothes to wear? Our fashion tips to choose your evening dress and accessorize for class, but without overdoing it.

The Little Black Dress, a Safe Bet for All Evenings Chic!

You are invited to the restaurant, a chic party with friends or a wedding, the little black dress is still relevant. With it, you are sure not to commit bad taste. Do not hesitate to invest in a little black dress brand, manufactured in a quality fabric. She will accompany you for years, and always will be perfect. For a chic and elegant look, remember to choose according to your morphology dress: If you have fairly broad shoulders, choose a dress with capped sleeves, and short enough to show off your legs if you are round, use a flowing dress and glamorous …

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What does the iWatch Do

Apple understand their business. They know how to create hit products. They know how to pack and then how to “mad” audience. Not surprisingly, quite IT analysts argue that the resurgence in the segment of smart watches in the past two years happened after “sprout” Internet rumors and shy (at the expense of controlled) release of information from the corporation to develop something on the subject, which will bear as the apple logo of apple. The thing even given a name – iWatch , but actually do not know whether it exists. And the obsession began.

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